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Launcher doesn't start.


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I'm speaking on the behalf of my friend, and he has had a problem since about two weeks back.
When he press the Blade & Soul launch icon, the launcher doesn't start. The only thing that comes up

is a box saying something along the lines of update error faild to download files.
The only solution to this that he has had was reinstalling the game. Completly. Then he can pretty much

start the game and play once, then after he turns it off and shuts off his computer the same thing happens

when he tries to start it again. After doing this every single time he wants to play, you get kinda tired at it.
So I'm asking if anyone knows something that might be the solution to this. The problem might very well be on his part,

since neither of us has seen someone else talk about this problem. Many people had different issus at launch but his didn't start

untill recently (about two weeks ago).
So the following is his set up:

Intel Core i5-4690K 4GHZ
12 gb 1600mhz ram
Radeon R9 280 3GB
Samsung SSD 850 EVO

No virus protection.

He has tried starting it as admin, closing everything nsoft reletad in the task manager. The only note worthy program that he uses is Steelseries Engine 3.
When the problem first came up, he sent a support ticket, but atleast at the time, Nsoft support did not know a solution to this problem.

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated, and if you need any other information, just ask!

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Hmm I'll inform him of this possible solution. Still quite bothersome if he has to reinstall each time there's an update.

But this is definitely something worth looking at! Thanks! Will update if he decides to try it and if it helps.

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