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  1. Really sorry for the very late reply. You might have re-downloaded the game already at this point, but as reference for others, on your "NCLauncher" folder, there's this config file "NCLauncher.ini" containing the line: InstallFilePath=D:\BnS_NA\NCLauncher\Download The path specified by InstallFilePath needs to be updated (example path above is specific for my case). Also, you might have accidentally ran an old desktop shortcut. Please try cleaning up old program shortcuts (desktop/ start menu) and use the modified one.
  2. About that "not censoring the game" thing...

    Seems like profanity is contagious...
  3. Have you tried using the official launcher to update the game first for silverfrost content? Then use the batch file again afterwards... I'm still updating on my side though. Will post back findings. Edit: Nope, can't find the proper arguments to make it work :(
  4. Stayed up all night, Level 44.

    Hold that Lv44 and wait for another leveling event. #kappa
  5. Bug at Twilight Garden Doungeon

    No acknowledgement yet from any NC staff despite lots of complaints from lots of users since beta... :( Really hope this gets fixed soon...
  6. I don't see what the big fuss is about removal of offensive profile images. It isn't game breaking in any way. Well, unless you are: (1) vain, who tries to show off his/her profile image excessively -or- looks at his/her profile image at every possible moment (2) a stalker, who looks at the profile of every character you meet (3) a perv/ weabo, self explanatory.
  7. Seems like chest rewards are better when opened in bulk...
  8. BnS Reaction Gifs

    When you've just upgraded and can't even windstride nor buy pill on Mushin 4F:
  9. twilight garden... >.>

    I don't think there's an issue with your launcher so you don't need to "repair" it. If ever you need to pass that thick portal again, just keep holding "W" for like half a minute (this long just to be sure). You'll be moving forward bit by bit and after some time, you'd eventually go through the portal. Hope this helps :)
  10. Also encountered this exact error while holding 1, 2, F, LMB and RMB at the same time for around 20seconds (after clicking/pushing them repetitively), out of frustration from Poh24 lag (playing from SEA just after reset, lots of players). It did freak me out a bit, but I tried logging in again immediately. Nothing amiss, except for Poh token/chest lol.
  11. How about accessories? Will they also have a different upgrade path?
  12. Dailies and me.

    @Tsuchiryu As per your question, summs shouldn't taunt at BW when there's someone tanking since it causes "reset" of aggro once taunt effect is lost, and cause mass wipes (see BW rotating around). Also disrupts main tank skill rotation.
  13. Dailies and me.

    I have taunt spec-ed as well, except when doing BW. I have yet to meet someone who'd forbid me to do so in any content except BW.
  14. Why so much hate for bots I dont get it?

    1. They accelerate the devaluation of gold and other resources by farming too much. 2. Hordes of them cause server strain and therefore lags to legitimate users. 3. They cause annoyance on chats. 4. They deny resources to legit users like quartz, etc. 5. They render other people's effort useless. Like people frequenting arena for soulstones to sell them -- now they sell them for way less. Don't get bothered by the IP check... if you did nothing wrong, you have no reason to worry...