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I realize now how horrible I am with Sin class


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Or maybe it's just that I'm a complete newb when it comes to mmorpgs.


At L39, but I'm not really good with tactics. Reading all the great topics with sin tips n' tricks are great!

BUT, gonna be honest, gamer's lingo made it difficult for me to understand half the things being said- or typed.


Sooooo, could anyone please give me a run down on how to best build my assassin to be well rounded in PVP, PVE, and Dungeons??

And how to assassin in general because I really love this class and I really want to learn how to *cricket* people in the ass with this class

Ok thank you

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So here's my suggestion to start: go solo low end dungeons. I honestly did not get my fingers and rotations going until I went and solo'd Tomb of Exiles at 45. If you're always in group, you'll never figure it out imo, because assassin in a group is just....*cricket*ing stupid. It ruins everything about how we're supposed to work. We're an awesome solo class, but until we can have a spec that doesn't involve pretty much full time stealth, being in a group screws us. That being said, I've seen a lack of specs on these forums so here's what I'm using as my bread and butter for PVE/group content for Lvl 45, HM1. And sorry for the format, I didn't want to sign up for yet another site to be able to give a nice clean link. But these are in order of the book in game, and separated by key they're bound to (I wont assume you have default, because I don't, and have no idea what that even looks like):


Mist Slash: Tier 3, Right Path (or F2 as people like to call it)

Spinal Tap: Tier 3, Left Path (F1)


Heart stab: Tier 4, Left Path (F1)


Dark Strike: Tier 2, Left Path (F1)


Stealth: Tier 1


Shadow Dash: Tier 3, Left Path (F1)

Cyclone Sweep Becomes Shadow Drain: Tier 2, Right most path (F3)


Decoy: Tier 3, Left most path (F1)


Poison Breath: Tier 3, Left most Path (F1)

Lightning Rod: Tier 3, Right Most Path (F3)


Land mind-->Set Landmind: Tier 2, Third over (F3)


Shuriken-->Smoke Screen: Tier 3, Middle (F2)


Lotus Fury: Tier 3, Left most path (F2)



Here's the basic idea for solo'ing and what you want to do as an assassin:


You can do the Sprint+Blink Step to stealth in whenever possible. If this doesn't put you behind the boss, move yourself behind the boss. Then you pretty much want to: Hearth Stab+Lightning Crash (nominally F key) one right after the other until your stealth timer is nearly up. NOTE: If you run out of focus, toss off Lightning Rod to refuel 4 points. Make sure you have a poison stack up (you can toss your bomb OR pop Throwing Dagger, but try to keep one off cooldown all the time) and then you hit Shadow drain to re-up your stealth.


What happens next is pretty much a rinse-repeat EXCEPT Shadow drain will not be on cooldown except for every other restealth (and only if you time everything perfectly). You have to make a decision based on what you're fighting.


1: If the mob can be stunned (look at their health bar, are there bubbles below it? if yes, can't be easily stunned by a single person), you want to cast Spinal Tap just before stealth is up (this will stun the mob AND reduce the CD on Shadow Drain), double tap S (called SS) to put yourself away from mob and then Shadowdash back into stealth (MUST BE BEHIND THE BOSS). At this point it's 100% rinse and repeat unless you mess up, or a skill messes up (it happens). Your poisons will fall off at 5 poisons stacks, and you may find yourself without a poison on CD. If so, just poison breath when you fall out and then Hook Kick(nominally TAB) back into stealth. Or block your way back into stealth. Up to you. 


2:  IF THE MOB CANNOT BE STUNNED, you can take 2 routes: One, you can try to Shadow Kick/Hook Kick right back into stealth, if you have poison stack on the mob (they're the same key, so push and hold for 2 moves). OR you SS back before stealth ends (this is ping dependent, you'll have to figure out the timing yourself), and hit Shadowdash in AS SOON AS STEALTH DROPS. This can sometimes fail, due to boss turning quick/ping, other issues. But once back in stealth, you should be good for a few cycles. Also, in this case, toss Spinal Tap after every Shadow Drain (since Spinal Tab reduces the CD of Shadow Drain by a hefty useful amount).


3: There's a third option if you mess up timing or boss cannot be stunned, and that's Swiftstep, which has a long cooldown, so is only good on occasion. But with points specced into it, you can use just before stealth is up and get back into stealth. This is a good option if your poisons are on CD, or if the boss cannot be stunned, and you're worried about doing the options in number 2 every time. 


And that's the name of the game. Staying stealthed as much as possible. You'll make mistakes, and you can use skills to get back into stealth. If you find yourself messing up a lot, putting points into smoke bomb so that you can instant stealth is nice (long cooldown tho). There are variations of course. I use this spec for solo and PVE group content. Here are a couple of specs I based it on that I found previously:






Godrik also has a ton of videos (if you're into those) and explains specs. He does change his spec a bit and explain those changes to an extent. He also tends to (in the vids I've seen) give you core skills, and screw the rest, so you're left to decide what to do with the extras. But here's a vid to one of his solo specs:






For PVP, this is the guide I know of, and it's insanely in depth: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FQPf1drgC-aacGBitT6QAFqAQpPZo_b6sQQEd1iugj0/edit


Mostly, take time to know your skills and know what they do. the problem with getting specs from other people is you may know understand WHY a point is being considered. I had this problem for a while, and have slowly gotten to truly know what everything I use does.


Anyway, hope this helps some and luck in the shadows :) 











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