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  1. I love all the people who assume that because THEY played beta or had heard of this game prior to release, then surely everybody must have. I started playing it because I lost most of my Wildstar guild to this game. My husband and best friend also started playing, and so I said *cricket* it, let's try it. The combat is different, and it's fun. The story line has been entertaining. PVP, I was led to believe based purely on game play, was OPTIONAL. Now that I'm in the 'end' part, I'm being forced to PVP for items I have to have or pay INSANE prices on the marketplaces (the going price atm being
  2. I've been trying to understand WHY I'm being forced to PVP. I don't enjoy PVP, I have no desire to PVP, and yet I'm required to PVP to 1) Get the only hongmoon skill that has been released for my class (granted, it seems pretty worthless, but not really the point) 2) To advance all my weapons and accessories for the soulshards (or pay exorbitant prices on the marketplace). You may argue that some are quest, but in a PVP zone where I have to be PVP flagged on a server were Crimson seriously outnumbers Cerulean and loves to rub it in our faces. So I'd love an explanation, and more importantly, I
  3. This is happening to me ALL too often. It *cricket*s us over hard when it happens. It's off cooldown, it just doesn't cast. I have no idea why. I think it's a bug.
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