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pvp stat power adjustment?


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ok so i was doing a 3v3 with the clanies and we came across a group 2 of them got wiped and we had just the summoner left so we was like yea.... should be good we are a destro a force caster and a ninja.

got her cat killed got her to 20% life and then woop her hp went back up after  her being invisible for  2 or 3 seconds.


then i checked her online profile in arena and it should be scaled down to normal 800 odd and 600 odd but this is what i saw 


inspect picture with open mouth......



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Err the stats u see there is the stats outside of arena not in arena it's a dif thing u cannot see in arena stats 


Also summoners do heal massively with doom n bloom if they stay inside the circle and invis meaning u hit the seed shroud which can give them another 4% hp doom n bloom can heal up to i think 25% hp or so besides i think he might have resummoned the cat and got 20% hp from that which does zoom the hp bar back up in a few seconds 


But also there is a summoner hack around where the 20% heal from cat can be casted without cd and probs without cat also 

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