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Take Flight in PvP Question


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so, I don't really like PvP 

but since it has dailies, I decided to change my skill tree a bit for PvP 

my issue is, when I cast Take Flight

cooldown and damage is shown, but opponents "sometimes" don't go airborne 

is the skill bugged for PvP? 

or does latency have something to do with it? 

tried Raid -> Take Flight, and Dual Strike -> Take Flight  

it just doesn't airborne at times, and I'm not CC'd after casting it, so I don't think it's me getting interrupted  
am I missing something? 

like, do I have to be infront or behind the opponent? 
fought 3x on 1v1, and 3x on tag match today
I only proc'd (airborne) it once on the tag match :/ 

other casts only did the damage 

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