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Soul Shield Agendas


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Soul shields are the core part for any character, and i being an assassin even more.


read tons of soul shield recommendations here and there, but nothing sort of giving out a "final form"..


some recommending a combination of PoH + Moonwater infused with dokumo, and nothing past that, about endless tower and BSH combined or anything

could someone recommend the best mix and match soul shield for best crit+accuracy+decent hp?

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Until the 3/2 patch, best combinaison is :


ET : 1, 2, 6

BSH : 3, 4, 5, 7, 8


Then fuse it with crafted blue bopaes (Artisan Critical Soul Shield or something like that) . You will find it in AH if you can't craft it.


You can find me stats here with that combinaison (I don't have max on every bopae tho).

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