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  1. NERF for FMs 10/5/2016

    Yes, sure, every class can use SS to remove stun/daze/kd... errr... wait ? Stack one chill effect for every hit. Indeed, it's our fault if we hit you and get frozen. Your chill isn't uneffective against BD (can't say so for des/sin, I don't know them enough), you just don't know how to use it correctly. Your chill disables approach skills so it's actually very strong. But once you stack 3 of them, it becomes a frozen debuff which can be removed with a spin. A good FM won't stack 3 chills unless he can insta-stun. FYI : the SS doesn't remove chill. There is no way for a BD to remove chill (actually there is ONE - HM skill on immunity spin - but it means remove the best tool against FM). :) Keep complaining, you're doing it right !
  2. Please tell me this is not happening!

    Hi, I wish to remind you that BD has also Lighting Draw (which is different from BM's one). Since we have no clue about which one it is, I don't understand the discussion about BM. Btw, I already dealt 35k (with 650 AP/204% critical damage) on a LD (as a BD), when red buffed. So I can easily imagine some legendary guys with 725 AP under that buff dealing 40k+ on a squishy target with 0 critical defense. I'm sorry OP, but you can't complain about a very situational hit when you don't even have gear/bopaes for PvP.
  3. Legendary pets

    You're welcome.
  4. Act VII Chapter 1: Early Signs Bug

    Act VII hasn't been released yet. That's why you can't read the letter. :)
  5. Hey, I easily kill the Devourer in less than 4s with my 520 AP BD, but you don't need to do it by yourself. Find people (F8 key is your friend) and kill it together. Just remember the cutscene is included in the 4 seconds, so you need to skip it as fast as possible. About Dokumo, there's a trick to make her go down when she's immuned and throws eggs at you, but I don't remember well what you really need to do. Youtube will probably help you too, and you will need a 6-man party to do so. I hope this could help you ! :)
  6. FPS bug in PvE (like arena)

    Could you give us your hardware specifications ? The settings you put in game ? It will be really helpful if you want us to help you.
  7. Blade Dancer Shocking Slash?

    It means you automatically create 3 Electric Spirits when you use Storm Cleave. By the way, the topic is 6 months old :)
  8. Seems like you don't know how to play BD. :p
  9. Diamond Blade Dancer PvP (Video)

    Really nice video, thanks a lot. Could you give us the trees you're using ?
  10. Choix des items

    Yo, Pour l'arme : si tu n'as pas encore passé le Profane, choisi le path Sirène (beaucoup moins cher). Pour les bijoux, il suffit d'upgrade ceux de départ. Ensuite, pour la ceinture et le bracelet, tu as le premier niveau d'item sur Poharan (à évoluer ensuite). Pour les bopaes, à l'heure actuelle, le plus rentable c'est de faire un mix Scorpion/Yeti comme cela : Scorpion 1, 2 et 4 Yeti 3, 5, 6, 7 et 8 Pour info, voilà mes stats. A noter que je suis toujours sur le set 45 pour les bopaes (sauf ma 2). En espérant t'avoir éclairé.
  11. Need advice. Am I on the right path?

    You don't really need high end stuff to do poh6. True Profane and Awekened Necklace/Earings/Ring is enough. For the laby, I advise you to have at least a True Siren weapon and Awekened Siren gear, plus a bracelet and the Siren Belt (that you can get in poh6). About bopaes, don't waste too much time on Blackram set. You better focus on BSH (3-5-7 at least), and if you can do Mushin Tower (at least until F7), try to get ET 1-2-4-6-8. Then, the best combination is Lab 1-4-6-8, Mushin 2 (F8 set) and BSH 3-5-7.
  12. Master Pirate Illusion Lynblade

    This is a skin you craft from the Forgekeepers.
  13. Need some advice

    Windshock Bracelet. Critical Damage is much better than 5 AP.
  14. New on game

    Hi, You need to know the game is completely different depending of what you play : melee or ranged class. The game is much more easier at range (avoiding lots of AoE, can kit, etc.). I just leveled up an assassin 45 and the gameplay is very interesting (and complicated, in a good way). There are a lots of mechanics, procs, etc that make it really enjoyable. The best you can do is probably try by yourself, because the most important thing is to enjoy the gameplay before dealing damage or cleaning easily/hardly contents.
  15. Can't pass mushin 4th

    Ok so... First of all, you need to put a third point into raid (insta-stun bosses) to cancel him. Second thing, I don't think putting point into Sunder/Rolling Typhoon is a good thing. You better put at least one point into Anklebiter (1 focus instead of 3) and one more in the Grib (defense reduction). About Scourge, I tried different build and I think Guardian Tempest (5s/5 hit, +10% hp) is much more efficient. The main issue with Scourge is about the electrical focus it generates. If it could gives you electrical focus after the 10 seconds (or 6 with the Storm Cleave), it could be a powerfull skill. But it doesn't actually. :/ About drain, I like to put at least 2 points in it, for the 2s daze. You won't need it for the 4th floor, but for Junghado/Mushin, it will be absolutely necessary. About the 4F fight : Q/E the "untargeted" attack to avoid damage Move when the boss does the 180° attack (or RMB in draw stance) I take the assassin mercenary (first one on the right). When the boss does the 360° AoE attack, the NPC will put one knockdown, so you will be able to CC him with a kick. When he puts his hands in the air, raid him (into grip : F, 2, RMB, 3, no need to wait 6s, it's a loss of dps) If you do combos correctly, you will be in draw stance 90% of the fight. The only moments you leave it is when you kick him and the moment you grip him (+ eventually 0 focus). I hope you will beat him ! Good luck !