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missing "idle expressions" (smile)


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hello there, short question.


Usually when i look at my characters face he/she randomly smiles (as well as some other things like slightly closed eyes etc)

sometimes in idle stance (randomly, like looking at viewer).

But since the mushin tower update (or eventually sooner) i noticed that the expression doesn't change anymore unless emotes or some idle animation is in process.


Left side image you see for example when she smiles while looking at the viewer. But now there she stopped completely doing it and always has a fixed expression,

right side of the picture.


Kinda annoying since that is my favorite expression for screenshots.


Can anyone confirm this so i know it's not only me...

(EU-client. All settings max)

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Okay, I thought I was crazy since no one seemed to understand what I was talking about.


Yes, I have this exact issue. My character would look at the camera and smile at times when idle, which was fantastic for screenshots. I made a habit of taking new screenshots whenever I would get a new costume or reach a new area.


And yes, it seems that this all changed with the Mushin patch back in mid-February. I'm not sure if this was deliberately removed from the game or if a patch screwed up some code, but I definitely noticed it. It would be really nice if we got this feature back. It made the character much more personable, and I really miss this detail.


EDIT: I wanted to add that I'm in NA (Mushin server) so I assume this change occurred across both regions.

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