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  1. I also want it to be extended but at the same time I just want this event to be over with already. I haven't gotten a single successes yet and already failed 4 times but it's just so tiring at this point.
  2. Half of the list in the Acquired Taste crafting menu is bound to account, and then you have the other half like meat dumplings and soups none bound, why not just make them all bound to account? Meat Dumplings for example, require the exact same material to craft as Mild Dumpling yet one is account bound and one is not. I don't see a reason why they should be like this, my suggestion is making them both account bound along with the other options on the list.
  3. Ivy Poison and LMB (rosenthorn)

    The new skill that adds Ivy Poison is Moonfall aka the restrain skill. Rosenthorn in Wind build is a bit different than earth, cuz in wind yes it effects bees but in earth just one make you hit LMB faster and one heals you a bit.
  4. Red Rider Outfit Females Only...

    Yeh I was seriously disappointed when I found out it was female only....and the sad thing for male we just get a recolor of an old outfit /tears why oh why.
  5. So here's a first...

    Like FrozenB said @GunFu, you can't be kicked out of a party if you already loaded in and entered the dungeon (Gateway), you can only get kicked out during your LFP in Lobby or if you are offline and voted by all members.
  6. help with magnum badge

    It's sad that I didn't do enough research before farming and getting Magnum badge, because I have the same issue with being stuck on 2 stack most of the time and not able to get the third. My ping is the issue for me, I play on 250~300 ping so it's a nightmare to activate it unless there is a WL. *cri*
  7. True! What people mostly expect from Summoner is for cat to res them since it takes the cat less time to res people than normal (F) res, and thats our LMB, I really wish this skill would be moved to a different key along with F.
  8. Not to mention that as Summoner if someone dies under neath or near you, your LMB switches to cat paw (helping paw or whatever its called) and you literally can not do the LMB, RMB rotation which results in losing focus and people angry at you for resurrecting them to only get insta killed. I can't help it if I have to spam my LMB RMB and cat just humps people. And yeh I know I can do T-R but I prefer LMB RMB cuz I have my other hand busy trying to activate my badge by spamming other skills.
  9. Who wanna Gon Gunner?

    Glad I'm not the only one who thinks Gon should have Gunner as well, we've seen so many Gon gunners NPCs that I just thought naturally Gon would get this class, but when people started saying its just Yun and Jin I was shooock. Was really looking forward to testing this class but I have way too many Jins and one Yun is enough.
  10. Social Clans

    That's unfortunate to hear :/
  11. Social Clans

    So about social clans, did anyone make a social clan and was able to invite people who are already in a "competitive" clan ? Because right now we can't make social clan if we are already in normal clan. Any info would be appreciated!
  12. Character bound gems in care package

    Made the same mistake, I still wish if they'd make them account bound...The fact that there was no info about the gems not being bound to acc, is indeed disappointing.
  13. Level 20 Survey

    Yeh, same here; I 've spent about 7 normal keys on Corrupted boxes so far and no luck for getting my's getting very tedious.