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Crashing with Daily Spin and other issues


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This has started happening after the most recent patch we had.  I would log in do my daily spin and as soon as I hit the spin button it crashes for me.  After the hour has passed I would do it again and run into the same problem.  This is only since the recent patch.  I did notice something new as well BnS is running twice in the task manager one with cpu usage and the other not.  The thing is both are using memory while this is not a problem for the 24GB of RAM I have installed this could point to a potential memory leak or addressing issue.  I tried submitting a report after it crashed but that crashed as well lol (Don't think it has ever worked since I started playing).  Now I read that Razer services are causing issues is it possible that the Logitech gaming app is doing the same as well.


I can give a dxdiag if needed.


Specs are as follows:

CPU Intel Core i7 980X

24GB Corsair Vengance DDR3 RAM

Corsair Force FX SSD 256GB

3 x 1 TB WD Drives


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