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How to remove party members from party


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i´m playing on EU server, Hao distrct.  from what i seen we are not as hit as NA. most of my parties are clanmates well 90% of them.

But there´s a few steps you can do to help yourself a lot and giving your more options to deal with bots.

1. Try to do it with someone else, click on enter instance and recruit party from there. (you can use region chat to find players also)
2.  if you get bots, afkers or extremely undrgeared players. use ESC. click Escape,  people inside the dung will not get ported with you. but everyone outside the dung in cross-server platform will. to Lobby.
3. you can kick the ´problem´ from there. then move back in.

it´s not a perfect, but it Works and in BSH4 or others it might be worth the time, since you can make sure you have active players. 

I tried BSH 4 man once. full infernal geared peeps with doku wep and not even 45 soulshield.  me with true pirate and true siren acc.  not worth using my game time on carrying 3 players with barely any Health or dmg.  

tl.dr.  make sure you are party leader. use ESC and escape to go to lobby and kick the problem.

sorry messy post, i´m not near a pc sadly

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