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How does ani cancel work with sins?


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I know that it is something that will vary from person to person depending on the ping and maybe some other factors, but I am more looking for general tips and combos where I can use ani cancel.

So far in MMOs I only played classes where ani cancelling cannot be applied like archers in TERA and their long charging and reapers who didn't even need it given their speed and spirit masters in Aion... so I never really took interest in all that stuff until I rolled on a sin.


I know it works with shadow step (3) + spinal tap (LB) since I sometimes do it, not sure of the timing though, in other forums they also say that RB>f works too but I could never pull that ani cancel and by 'f' are they referring to Dark Strike (R1 T2) or lightning pierce (R3 T2).


the only ani cancel I could use is the RB>LB but since I don't spec LB for PVP the damage increase is close to none so I rarely use it in PVP

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