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Danimation GFX


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Got some time off, and can't log in to the game since I'm having a little issue with my ISP (stuck on repair) T_T

Anyway this will be a thread of my GFX collection (which I usually make when I can't log on to the game T_T)

Here's my Blade Cancer, I'm on Iksanun server so if you ever see me, just say Hi, I'm friendly (at times).



I'm not sure if I'm gonna set up a shop yet, I might do so once I got to have the luxury of time.

Anyway, you can check out my other stuffs here http://dankellyico.deviantart.com/

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11 hours ago, RavTH said:

They're quite good the quality, but I think that Lyn close-up was best one, don't do full characters capture, try with the portrait close-ups.

Thanks for the suggestion, guess I'll use that one as a desktop wallpaper instead


Since I like your suggestion, I'll be making you a free character shot.

Just send me a screen cap preferably something like this (with a background) and the preferred texts (i.e.: text 1:Danimus; subtext: Midnight phoenix)



Here's my new one hue~






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