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Bloodshade Harbor 4 Man Questionssss


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Hi guys,

1. Can someone explain to me how to access the 4 man Bloodshade Harbor? (is it the option at the right of the lobby where you choose either 6-man or 4-man party?)

2. Is it true that it drops more compared to 6-Man party?

3. Does the skill books drop only in 4man not in 6man? 

4. Does cross-server and local-server dungeon has any difference in terms of drops/loots?



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1. You have to select the "4 members" option either in open world or dungeon lobby to access it.

2. There is no loots in 4-man (1 blue chest per boss), except on Hae Mujin. So if you need bopaes, better do the 6-man dungeon.

3. The skill books only drop in 4-man and only on the final boss.

4. Nope, there's no difference.

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