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Fix "The Way of the Blade Master Part 4" bug!


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Are you ever going to fix that? It's delaying our progress through the game. It was reported by many players, so I'm not the only one here experiencing this crap.

Race: Yun

Class: Blade Master

Quest Description: When the Training Dummy uses Block. use Boost[X] / Breeze[LMB] / Rush[2] Combo.

Problem Description: "X-Breeze-Rush" attack is being performed correctly; however, it is not registering. The quest is always stuck at 0/3


I tried doing it slow, doing it fast, changed equipment, removed skills.. All returned nothing. Still stuck.

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Yeah I had this problem too, although I stuck at 1/3. It's really getting annoying I trying to deal with this from few weeks now, today I grow so desperate that I start to play as second character (hope that Assassins haven't got this kind of bug). Somebody totally should fix this.

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I had no problem completing this quest back in 2016 but i didn't level another BM since then so i'm not sure how the quest is working now.

You need to wait until training dummy uses the block. At that moment you have to hit him with your X (boot) followed by LMB (breeze), then use 2 to charge to him.


If you can change your skills already check if you have the KD version of X (Boot) speced because the stun version doesn't break block.
If you time your X correctly you will break the the dummy's block and it will get stunned. If it gets knocked down instead you've missed the timing of your X.
When you hit him with LMB after breaking its block it should get knocked back and it should stay there in unconscious state. If the dummy doesn't get knocked back you've probably missed the timing of your LMB.

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On 17/02/2019 at 9:59 AM, iLiKeMiLo said:

its 2019 and i am encountering this issue...anyone managed to clear the quest?

I finally did it! so u need to run tot he back of the dummy and hit him with your LMB :p try that and tell me something

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I'm doing the same part 4 of the quest "The way of the blade" and I can't complete it... I checked the previous posts and BNS gamepedia as well yet it doesn't look like are the same requirements. While I see everywhere block and breeze, to me the succession required is X + Tab + Flicker combo.




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