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Looking for B&S Content - YT or Twitch!


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Hello there, Iam Krystal and Iam looking for recorded Blade & Soul PvP and PvE Content. It doenst matter if it is on Twitch or Youtube, as long as it is nice to watch. Do you have some exciting PvP Matches, Open World kills or just entertaining PvE Stuff? If so, please send me a Link to your content with the permission to use it in a Youtube Video. My Video editing skills are "decent" I guess and you will recieve full credit within the Video and the Video description, in which I will also link your Profile on Youtube or Twitch, if you have one. Iam asking for this, because it is easier to have a permission in the first place, rather then using Material based on fair-Use.


You can find examples here :



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