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Hongmoon secret technique- Straight Jab


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Ive been looking into the Hongmoon Secret technique for a few days now trying to find information related to acquiring it and i cant seem to find any related to the NA servers only the Taiwanese ones, all i can find is 

Hongmen Ultimate Skill
* First series of Hongmen Ultimate Skill (the last level of skill) has been released. 
* Require consume 6 items to unlock. 
* Most of them are dropped by designated boss; one of them, 洪门还丹 (Hongmen Pill) need to be crafted in guild workshop. 
* The other items are:
- 深海藻 Deep Sea Weed: Sea monster near the beach in Red Leave Village
- 黄金蜜 Golden Honey: Grizzly bear at Wolf Hill
- 白雾蘑菇 White Mist Mushroom: Gorilla with Lion head in mercenary camp, who spawn with a bear
- 恶灵之源 Source of Evil Spirit: Fat boss in Ghost Town
- 大洋精气 Ocean Essence: 24-man Pohwaran  

This is all the inforamtion i can find yet im not seeing any results from any of the bosses can anyone confirm drops for required materials or informatio nregarding the skill itself that would be very helpfull

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This skill is the foods you have to consume from bosses all over moonwater plains and once you have done so, the achievement unlocks your LB skill.


We currently do not have that now and unsure how the hell NA/EU plans to implement it. Probs saving it for level 50+

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