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Animation bug/glitch?


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Doest this happen to anyone else?:

Destroyer is using redspin on iframe swing thinggy but they look like they are in defalut standing stance

Summoners withflower vanishes and they look like standing default stance but still hold flower

SIN is countering but looks like standing default

BM blocking but looks default satnd


Havent happen anything similar with BD, KFM or FM so far


I have all my driveres etc uptodate and you can kinda predict what they are doing, but still confuses me somethimes I cant see the animation.

And I doubt its part of anicaneling, maybe just arena lagg?

Could try record video if its not explaine clearly enough

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happened to me already destroyer using shield while in the middle of grab, summoners jumping without cooldown after all my attacks in a row, bm blocking from behind and walking while freezed, i have saw a bm blocking while down at the ground and freezed, i don't know if this is arena lag or people hacking...

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