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Destroyer and Summoner Bot in PVP Arena? GG


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So I been playing as a assassin.

Now in every 1v1 PvP i counter either destroyer or summoner bot no matter what.

This is getting really annoying.

They can see me in stealth no matter wat i do, I can't counter them. And fkn destroyer keep spin 24/7 like unlimited focus and resist everything.

I keep losing because of them.

Now recently I counter summoner bot which is more annoying. I got kill by them like 5 times in a row.

Destroyers wasn't enough for them to win so they wanna use summoners now

They really gotta fix this


Just because we have the zen bean currency exchange, they try to farm zen beans for soulstone to sell for free money >.>

Not only ruin the soulstone price in the market but also ruin the PvP now...

I thought the gold spammers are actually annoying... and now PvP bots!?!?
Guess we can't even PvP anymore


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