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  1. Good to see they've really cracked down on bots. I stopped playing at the end of the first season as I was completely disgusted with the botting, and figured I'd come back to see if things got any better in the ~month I was gone. From everything I've seen, it's gotten way worse. I haven't seen a game so crushed with bots and RMT since FFXI in 2004. When I play WoW, I see a small handful of bots. When I play B&S, I see them, literally, everywhere. It's not subtle at all. In most MMORPG's players aren't forced to interact with bots, so the problem may not be as obvious, but in B&S, they inundate every aspect of the game.
  2. Quitting Review - BnS is pretty hollow.

    B&S has all the depth of a kiddie pool. The ONLY things that carry this game are the combat and PVP.
  3. BnS vs BDO PvP

    Do you like 1v1 PVP in a box? B&S Do you like world PVP and sieges? BDO Aside from the PVP, the PVE in BDO is absolute trash. However, BDO offers so much more than B&S does in terms of what you can do in-game. They're not remotely similar. BDO is more of an MMORPG. B&S is basically a lobby game.
  4. The team we have here is a glorified localization team. There's nothing "agile" about it. They bring up problems and suggestions to Korea, and if Korea can be bothered by it, we might get a fix for the issue. This is how it's been for every single NCSoft KR -> NA/EU port.
  5. I like to loop the Benny Hill theme and the Derp Batman song when I'm PVP'ing.
  6. Crafting Feels Awful In This Game

    They may as well have not bothered making a crafting system. Most shallow and pointless crafting I've ever seen in an MMORPG. Basically everything besides the combat and arena is bland and awful.
  7. It's the perfect game to bot. They use Gameguard which is terrible at catching bots. It's F2P and takes 15 hours to hit level cap, so even if you get caught, you just make another account and are back botting arena within the day. It also doesn't help that gear upgrades require a ton of soulstones, and grinding arena happens to be the best way to farm them. So bots have access to one of the best gold farming methods in the game, and the barrier to entry is more or less nonexistent.
  8. You have a laughably narrow definition of P2W. That's fine. I think that if you can pay your way to the best gear and skills in the game, which you can, it is P2W. You don't seem to agree, which is fine. Apparently, Archeage isn't P2W either according to your definition.
  9. They might not be able to fix it, but they could do something as opposed to acknowledging there are bots and hacks in arena and asking players to report them. It's not exactly as though the problem is inconspicuous. The in-game economy, which is directly tied to real life money thanks to currency exchange, is hilariously wrecked, and it's only going to get worse. In any case, OP, you should save yourself the trouble of waiting and quit now because there is absolutely no way they're going to solve this problem any time soon with the tools currently available i.e. Gameguard, which is comically terrible at preventing this type of behavior, and player reports. I've never seen so many blatant bots and hacks in a MMO; especially in competitive PVP. I thought Honorbuddy botting BG's in WoW was bad, but it's nothing compared to this game. Simple solution. Require CAPTCHA input during pre-fight. Obtrusive and annoying, but it would solve the botting problem in the interim. Solving hacking is going to be much more challenging as it will require methods of detection to be developed.
  10. You can buy gold with money. It is P2W being that the limiting factor for upgrades and skills is gold. Keep defending it though. It's cute.
  11. Why is this game getting bad reviews

    The problem is that the one new thing it offers is pretty much all it offers.
  12. Why is this game getting bad reviews

    The only thing B&S does well is combat and arena PVP, but that's not going to carry it for people who want an MMORPG with more depth than a kiddie pool.
  13. Was the Summoner at the keyboard?
  14. If you think balance is bad in this game, you're in for a nightmare in BDO lol. It's a much better MMORPG though. Overwatch looks amazing. I'm terrible at FPS games, but I'm still going to play because it looks so fun.
  15. The amount of people playing Summoner isn't FOTM?