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  1. You have a laughably narrow definition of P2W. That's fine. I think that if you can pay your way to the best gear and skills in the game, which you can, it is P2W. You don't seem to agree, which is fine. Apparently, Archeage isn't P2W either according to your definition.
  2. You can buy gold with money. It is P2W being that the limiting factor for upgrades and skills is gold. Keep defending it though. It's cute.
  3. The problem is that the one new thing it offers is pretty much all it offers.
  4. The only thing B&S does well is combat and arena PVP, but that's not going to carry it for people who want an MMORPG with more depth than a kiddie pool.
  5. Here is my basic guide to BD, Summoner, and Destroyer. And I'm just sitting here playing BM like
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