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The Lycan's Sorrow


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What is with the drop rate on this item?

Seriously!....I gathered many essence and played the wheel of fate for a week now.I have 100 Lycan's chest,10 lycans chest piece,2 lycan's tail feathers,but no Lycan's Sorrow.If you're going to make drop rates this low at least make the freaking items tradable!


Cinderlands transformation stones....Any and all stones and items like this should be alittle more abunded.How are we supposed to move forward with out them?

If they are craftable...that is a joke. Lack of resources and time consuming. Not to mention there are a whole lot of people like me who just want to play the game and not spend forever in crafting.Crafting is boring and time consuming.I don't get excited when logging into the game for crafting.


If nothing else,these transformation items should be a dungeon quest reward.

I do not do auctions.For those of you who suggest to do so.Auction house is full of over priced greedy people.

Oh how i love getting extra drops so i can under price the greedy. lol

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