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  1. The Lycan's Sorrow

    What is with the drop rate on this item? Seriously!....I gathered many essence and played the wheel of fate for a week now.I have 100 Lycan's chest,10 lycans chest piece,2 lycan's tail feathers,but no Lycan's Sorrow.If you're going to make drop rates this low at least make the freaking items tradable! Cinderlands transformation stones....Any and all stones and items like this should be alittle more abunded.How are we supposed to move forward with out them? If they are craftable...that is a joke. Lack of resources and time consuming. Not to mention there are a whole lot of people like me who just want to play the game and not spend forever in crafting.Crafting is boring and time consuming.I don't get excited when logging into the game for crafting. If nothing else,these transformation items should be a dungeon quest reward. I do not do auctions.For those of you who suggest to do so.Auction house is full of over priced greedy people. Oh how i love getting extra drops so i can under price the greedy. lol
  2. Brilliant Cinderlands Key?

    Ok,so i'm level 39 and in progress to farm for my new weapon upgrade in The Tomb of Exile.As if it isn't hard enough to get my weapon from the chest.But to open these chest i need the Brilliant Cinderlands Key,or i should say a lot of them since i have to open endless number of these chest before my class specific weapon is in one of them.I already used up the ones i had with no luck on my weapon.So where can i find or get more other then the Market? I have no intention of using the market to support the gold farmers that love to spam all chat channels. Also,where can i get more Cinderlands Transformation Stones? I have my other stuff i need to upgrade as well. And please..please...please...if you're not sure..please do not answer this post.Trying to keep the confusing down to none.
  3. Jumping,Flying Quest

    Are you Level 1 or something?...really? I'm level 35 and already past up 3-4 quest that require jump glide.Now i'm stuck on these to quest that require jump/glide,Chapter:31 and The quest "The Avian Advantage".To even make such a comment means you're not playing the game but instead trolling the forums. Again,these jump/glide quest are bull @@@@ They completely ruined the game for me. I want to skip these 2 quest but there is nothing that tells me where to go next. So i guess game over for me.I refuse to do the jump/glide quest. Not to mention the quest Hit the Ground Running...really?!!!!!!! The Serpent Calling Bell has never dropped.Am i supposed to wait to level 50 farming it before i can finish this quest. Its no surprise to me how this game runs seeing that it is a NCSoft game.They ruin all the games they run.
  4. Jumping,Flying Quest

    OMG!!!!! Are we playing RPG or Flight Simulating games? I grow so freaking tired of these.For now i'm just kipping them.If most of the questing in this game is based on flying and jumping...i quit! I'm here to enjoy story lines and to kick some A@@ not play Q-Bert or some kind of flight simulator game.