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Okay so as a KFM I am struggling against FMs like a fish caught in a net. I'm able to at most per match get close twice and deal like maybe 10% damage, but after that I'm unable to move and just have to eat the shit they throw at me behind my back which im unable to defend from. Is there a correct way to approach an FM as a KFM or are we just fked and should give up when we see an FM?

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indeed when your question is this general (class X how do I win against Y) you will find a lot of answers with a simple keyword search.


That said, try speccing


Avenging Fist Tier 3 Form 2

Counter Tier 4 Form 4

Alternate using this with SS+TAB / SS + RB


Flurry can serve as an additional gap closer.

Use all CC you have including knockdowns and iframe when close for additional running speed.

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