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Slow ping?


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I really have no idea what to title this or how to explain it, but I will try my best to. Basically in short, anytime I go into a dungeon lobby and match up for a dungeon, I obviously get sent to the cross server dungeon area and the go through the portal to get to the dungeon. I'm sent to a loading screen and probably less than half a minute I find my dungeon mates are already at the boss battle and its half way killed. I don't know if its my connection to the server or possibly my net speed, but it seems a little unfair that when I go into a dungeon I have to show up when the majority of everything is complete. In one other case I accidentally went through the portal taking me out of the dungeon and went in to find everything was done. Again, I don't know why this is the case. I rarely notice lag at all and have no idea why I can't do a dungeon without being left behind. :/

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