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  1. Yeah but Wow is popular and has been for years, so it doesn't surprise me really, even though Blizzard is getting worse than better these days.
  2. People still do watch tv, but seriously airing it on the history channel? Seriously? Like that makes no sense or little sense. I don't mind tv ads for games since the majority is mobile ap games, but this is like...wtf.
  3. Earlier today after eating my lunch, about 4pm western time I saw an ad for Blade and Soul on TV. Firstly it literally was a small ad in a box and didn't even take up my tv screen, lasted 30 seconds and showed cut scenes and some wind striding/game play. Are you guys desperate that you need to make a tv ad? LOL Seriously though, not kidding on this. Caught it on the history channel.
  4. Sadly I don't have much drawing samples of recent work, but I am doing some freebies. Mostly head sketches or about shoulder, depending on my mood. I'm not going to charge, but if you do want to tip me and are on the Dochun server, feel free to tip me on Lukou. BTW, my mail is locked still cause I need membership. : P Anyway, mostly waiting till my laptop fully charges to work on dailys, otherwise its laggy right now. So shoot me up with your cuties. DA Samples: http://luckygirl88.deviantart.com/gallery/56348620/Drawings
  5. I saw it, I probably won't use it. I think its the other person who wanted it dou.
  6. Well....I had to, I made everyone's favorite waifu: Feel free to adjust as much as you guys want, but like I said, you do need her wig to make this work which you can get from one of the dungeons. It's the princess pirate set or something. And by my servers request they want a lyn version....so making a lyn version~ : D
  7. Trying a file repair first and see what happens. I read in the forums other people had the same issue when getting to this point in game and nothing has really been resolved to fix it. :/
  8. Because everytime I dragon pulse to Jiwan Peak I get the loading screen and load about 70% and crash. I've killed the one boss three times now just to get to the point of trying to dragon pulse to finish the quest and get exp. I am literally about to hit 50 soon and so the exp from the quest would help a lot right now, but seeing how I can't finish the damn story, guess I'm stuck for now. :/
  9. I can try, but I probably won't get everything nailed down like the body and nose. That'll probably be up to you to tweak and adjust. Edit: Well I tried. Adjust as you need. :/ With the angle its a little harder to match exactly. Otherwise if you like it enjoy~
  10. taking a break to do presets. Done on my main for now : 3
  11. Here is the best I could do with Rory. I tired to go small and skinny as much as I could with Gon. Since Gon is LARGELY chested, there is only so much I can work with. Data Preset File: Gonna try and do lux before I get lunch/leave to go to college for the day. Edit: Lux done: Still looks asian to me :/ Preset Data File
  12. One more for the night, this time Vi from League of Legends, best suited for KFM. I struggled a bit, mostly on hair/race choice. I think Jin or Gon would be the best. If you want a Gon version let me know. Otherwise this is the Jin version with the best suited hair Preset Data:
  13. Well I tried and honestly this is probably the best I can do and it still doesn't seem right. :/ If you want it though, message me and I'll give you a link to his preset. Also to be honest Gon male is hard to work with due to large muscle nature which doesn't suit cage. Literally toned him down as much as I could while looking normal.
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