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Be careful when tagging instantly in 3v3..


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Title says it all really but I'll explain, this applies to randoms mostly.


When nobody chooses to go first, someone has to.. and just because you're up against a class you don't feel you can counter doesn't mean you should instant tag.


  • Your teammate that is being tagged in probably won't be prepared for it, the enemy will have an advantage getting the tagged player cc'd before they can react.
  • You completely waste a tag, it's best to wait until you've used up at least some of the enemy's cc/cooldowns before tagging (or tag when you're actually in danger), so the ally you're tagging has more of an advantage.
  • It's worse when the player you're tagging in is the same class as you and has the same difficulty countering the class you don't want to face, communicating will at least allow the 3rd person (who may have an advantage over that class) to register as next.


If you really really must avoid playing against a specific class at all costs, at least tell your team "I'm going to tag if I'm against X class" before the match starts.

I have no problems with someone who just isn't comfortable playing against a specific class, but at least communicate it so the team can prepare for it or organize a strategy around it.

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