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  1. People love to blame F2P for any problems, it's just not true. I played WoW from classic to cata and that had by far the worst community I've ever experienced (and I tried several different realms there). The best communities I've experienced were Aura Kingdom & Tera which are both F2P.
  2. I don't understand the argument of it being "awkward" for a lyn to wear it, considering the Showgirl outfit is available to female lyns on cash shop and that looks pretty lewd too. I guess as long as ncsoft are making money from it, it's not awkward? I wish this game had more cute dresses, most outfits are either overly sexualized or give lyns really puffy legs.
  3. I've noticed that there isn't such an option in the audio settings for playing sound while the client isn't focussed. This means I often miss whispers when I'm looking at something out of game for a couple minutes and also need to keep my attention on the game when waiting for a group to form for a dungeon etc.. It's rather inconvenient. Is there any work around for this? The workaround I usually use for games like this is an app which forces the game window to always assume as being focussed, but this doesn't seem to work for Blade & Soul (I assume game guard
  4. ncsoft are milking this game in the west. Things like mail & wardrobe are not available to free players but have been available in other versions of the game. Mail isn't something you'd want to use anyway, the fees are too expensive. Just trade items to a willing friend who then trades it to your alt to skip the stupid fees.
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