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hey there,
im playing bns almost 3 months and i have some wierd issue and i need your help to fix it.
i spoked with blade and soul support and did all the steps they told me and nothing changed, game keep been so laggy.
well, my problem is when i login to the game i can play few hours without any issue but when i enter a dungeon or start a combat the game start to be so bad, i mean screen freezed and i cant use any abilities but i can see what people are writing and i can chat by my self but i cant see what happens around me.
i have lags, delay, spikes and freeze screens and few freeze screens i get disconnected from the game.
any one know the issue and how to solve it ?
there is few pics that can show you my issue :







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When you're going into a busy dungeon set your graphics to "low end pc" just for that dungeon, then reset to your normal settings afterward. That should take care of the issue. If you're not running on pc, I can't help you. It sounds like you're bottlenecking and causing the error that way.

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