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  1. Please make this Hairstyle Available ASAP!!

    YAY! A reason other than football to console me when summer ends! xoxox OMG LOVE the guy's version too!!! As long as there's no facial hair. Yum!!
  2. This Community Needs To Lighten Up!

    I too have played for a long time ...since FFXI first started, and have several theories about why socialization has changed so much. PEOPLE have changed, and not for the better. Many (NOT ALL!) young players have grown up with such a sense of entitlement that it means nothing to them when you help them out. It's EXPECTED, and to them not even a simple thank you is necessary. They see nothing wrong with begging for help with the most mundane and simple things. At least Tarus used to dance when they begged for money. ^^ I sound so old, but I MISS the good old days. Few people even remember the thrill of doing new content without the nanny system of YouTube videos for every little thing. Heaven FORBID you have to work for something rather than have your guild/clan whatever drag you to endgame! The person who actually enjoys the journey is rare these days; it's all just a race to the end and becoming "leet". *yacks* Games have also changed, which creates a SUPER toxic environment, at least for those who remember better times. The advent of cash stores has destroyed gaming imo. It pits people against each other rather than encouraging them to work together. It creates an environment of jealousy and distrust. In other words spit runs downhill. If you have greedy, disgusting game management, you have dissatisfied, unhappy players. I wish they'd just bring back games you buy, subscription only with no special ANYTHING FOR ANY REASON and leave it at that. No golden effin' unicorns for pre-ordering at this store or that and if you don't earn it you don't get it. Games are all about catching short term attention cuz the ADD generation won't play a given game for more than a few months so they have to screw you out of as much money as possible as quickly as they can. THIS game is a prime example of that, and it's sad, because the developers really did a nice job. Srsly, selling their own gold??? Doing nothing about bots. WTF is that about??? All that said, great dance, excellent (hot) character and I really do agree with you. I still play to have fun and do my 'venting' here.
  3. Like countless others who play Blade and Soul, I have relied upon the security and convenience of Amazon for purchasing NCoin since I began playing the game. The transactions are flawless and I've never had any issue whatever with processing their codes ..aside from NCSoft's rather clumsy multi-step activation process. The transaction on Amazon's part is always immediate, the codes are received as soon as the purchase clears, within seconds, and the coins are available the moment one enters them into the Blade and Soul account. Last week for some unknown reason and without notice or explanation this option was made unavailable. When understandably upset by the entirely unexpected inconvenience, players were very kindly promised by NCSoft forum staff, on more than one occasion, that this issue would be resolved "by the end of the week" at the latest. That meant by last Friday. it is now Monday evening, May 2, and the return of service that NCSoft staff assured us would occur is several days late, and again without announcement or explanation. I 'followed' the original thread which contained the reassuring posts by NC staff (as well as a rather heated one by me) but apparently made a mistake in the process (?) because I cannot find it now. It is not my intent to create a duplicate thread and if I have I apologize. I still have a few things to say. ***If you're bored by questions or paragraphs or are knee-jerk defensive of anything Blade and Soul please save yourself the bother of reading further.*** Also, I absolutely separate Blade and Soul the game from NCSoft Corporate. The game I love. Corporate...not so much. The two can be separated by thinking educated humans. Creative/labor/providers and corporate are often at odds in real life and corporate rarely has the best interests of anyone but themselves in mind across all walks of life. Gaming is no exception. Moving forward: I could speculate that NCSoft is intentionally making Amazon purchases, likely used by adult and other more fiscally aware players, unavailable to ..let's say 'strongly encourage' more people to capitulate and deal with NC directly due to impatience with waiting for this issue to resolve. That, however, would lead to questions regarding why NC Corp is so interested in obtaining credit/debit card information and a Pandora's Box of conspiracy theories not yet supported by the facts. This ploy wouldn't make sense anyway, as it's not as if one can't impulse buy using Amazon, especially given Amazon's transactions and immediate availability of NCoin actually tends to be much quicker. Another possibility is that NCSoft isn't fully in control of the situation. Perhaps Amazon has objected to one thing or another related to NC Corp's practices and has placed restrictions on sales until these issues are rectified. Again, this is purely speculation, but when we are given no official explanation, such speculation is bound to happen. My hope is that this is simply a matter of delayed logistics. Yet if that is the case, then why has there STILL been no official announcement more than a week after the fact and several days after resolution was promised? As an adult professional and paying premium customer who makes significant vanity item purchases on a regular basis I would like to know when the promised restoration of the Amazon option will take place for people who rely on it for secure and convenient purchasing. I may not be legally entitled to Amazon service, the simple courtesy of an explanation or anything else under TOS, but what's truly nagging at my mind is the fact that this move is costing NC so much money, not just on NA but on EU servers as well, which also received the same promise we did. It is extremely bad business to remove a revenue stream, yet that is precisely what NC Corp appears to be doing. This simply does not mesh with the fact that NCSoft Corporate has repeatedly shown itself to be, well ..exceptionally enthusiastic in regard to getting their hands on as much money as humanly possible. Or does it? Then again, I suppose with a total par value of $10,964,511,000 ( a few days' Amazon income is a pittance. I believe Mr. Kim, with all due respect of course, will survive. The one strength I have always and 'vocally' appreciated about NCSoft is the superb quality of its customer service. I truly hope they can find a way to resolve this issue.
  4. Force Master pve in general

    Hi Dlacik! Yes, while I pointed that out earlier in the post, perhaps I should have repeated that it depends upon the quality of the tank. I did not mean to imply that a well played Destroyer cannot hold agro. It also, obviously, depends upon level differences. I really do have equal respect for all jobs in the game...especially the ones that keep me alive when I'm playing squishy jobs! *wink* Thank you for the opportunity to clarify. ^^ As always, happy gaming!
  5. Force Master pve in general

    Just a quick couple of thoughts for those who read this thread as reference... I'm a solo player aside from "must party" content, just now at 41 on my FM. I've had absolutely no trouble at all doing 6 person dungeons (using fire more than ice) as long as the tanks can keep hate. FM absolutely WILL steal hate if you're not careful, even with a good axe swinging, so the issue is more one of knowing when to back off a bit or being very good at staying mobile without kiting and/or turning the mob too much. We can be almost as annoying as those "wonderful" blade wielders who think it's helpful to pick up the mob and carry him around...OUT of the range of our major AOE attacks. (Grrrrr....) As for skills, they're really very intuitive as you progress through the game and a matter of personal taste. I suppose that would be harder for someone speed leveling through the content without taking the time to experiment and understand the nuance of different strategies, but as blkcat13 (brilliant!) said, it really is an almost continual adjusting process, which to me is half the fun. Do be mindful, especially if you're in a party of friends, of your debuffs. It is an important part of the FM job. And don't forget the power of keeping Burn up as much as possible. That's the simple answer. Happy gaming!
  6. Unlock the Chi Master

    They practice very good psy-ops. I wish I was joking. We are all suffering Stockholm Syndrome at this point, waiting for our beloved tormentors to throw us a scrap here and there so we can slavishly love them again in the way that abused children bond to their abuser. It's disgusting. I really wish the developers hadn't done such a good job on the game because I truly and deeply despise NC corporate with an unholy passion.
  7. No More NCoin via Amazon?

    Hmm... Apparently my first comment was too inflammatory and was never posted. Not surprised, as I pretty much said what I felt, which was not at all positive. I'll try again. 1. Please note they only "promise" to return Amazon sales in EU, not NA. Return of US sales are not mentioned at all, and considering it is now as late in the week as it gets (Saturday evening) and we still do not have Amazon NCoin, I believe we have our answer. 2. They are only hurting themselves. I will go without before I trust NCSoft with my financial information. It's that simple. If they don't want an average of $30/month from me on vanity items (I don't cash cheat) so be it. I was going to purchase $50 on impulse today. Again, they lose by trying to force people to give over their card information. 3. While I enjoy the game, find the staff members with whom I've spoken to be genuinely friendly and have a very real fondness for the Korean people in general (Army hardship tour years ago) I am NOT fond of NC's corporate policy toward NA customers. It is xenophobic, insulting and dishonorable. 4. Yes, I am aware I could just quit the game and skulk away like a dog with its tail between its legs, but I come from hardier stock, even if I am "just female" in their eyes. When I see a problem I address it, and this appears to be the only way I can for the moment. Well, this and NOT spending another cent unless and until they reopen NA access via Amazon.
  8. Greed made the game disgusting

    Try to spell or at least make a minimal effort to be understood. BTW it is now APRIL, and no improvement. In fact it has become ever more difficult for "regular players" who don't have mommy and/or daddy's (or whomever's) credit card to "make a living" ingame, especially prior to endgame. Not everyone likes to beg for stuff from their clan. Not everyone is comfortable wanting something for nothing and being dragged to endgame on someone else's back. Some of us are longtime gamers used to a far higher standard in our gaming experience. The mere fact that NC charges hefty fees for everything including sending mail to our OWN CHARACTERS and receiving items during play is insane given they sell their own gold using gold slaves and bots in addition to said fees. Crafting has become less and less profitable. I have screen shots of the way suggested prices are automatically halved in many cases from what the lowest "going rate" is. Unlike OP I DO separate corporate from creative re: the game. It's a fun and gorgeous game which is well maintained for the most part and employs exceptional support personnel, and I enjoy playing it. I just wish I didn't have to feel so DIRTY doing so. Oh...I almost forgot to mention that one of the alleged perks for subscribers/premium members, the 3rd wheel spin, has been nullified by the fact that when you reach the end of the new and extremely stingy thing you just have to wait a week or however long before you get ANY SPINS AT ALL. At least the rewards used to be worthwhile. I'd rather have the old wheel and no incredibly ugly outfit at the end. How they voted on that monstrosity is just beyond me. Just another slap in the face to go along with the ONE POINT PRICE DROP on a couple items in the cash store when people had the "audacity" to complain about corporate greed. Note they no longer ask for comments on the leveling "letters", yet insist they want our input so they can improve our gaming experience. How, exactly? The multiple choice questions are pretty simplistic so they offer little guidance. They weren't being told what they wanted to hear: "Oh, yes, please, rip me off some more! I LIKE IT! I'm a fanboi!" So, bye bye comments section... When it's your own money you'll understand. When (IF) you've ever served something greater than your own momentary needs you'll understand. When (if) you've learned some HISTORY you'll understand. When you read about just how much of a killing they are making on NA servers you will understand. Until then you're just voicing ignorant, uninformed apologism. Yes, I know what I just said. Ha. Ha.
  9. "Failed to upload photo" - Character Profile

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh how verrrrrrrrry VERRRRRRRRRRY shocking. Paying more and more and getting less and less in return. My guess on at ETA for the profile photo service return: somewhere between never and Hades freezing over. Every little bit of server space and the 'work' it takes to maintain the profile photos saved is more money saved, and we do know how they LOVE their money... Concerns about inappropriate gifs my backside! We ARE talking about a game DESIGNED with greased up child and young teen characters prancing around and posing provocatively in *mega-gag* "sexy" lolli lingerie for crying out loud! Sure, most of us see it as innocent "dress up" ...but you know plenty of yucky ppl out there don't...and that's about as inappropriate as it gets!
  10. Greed made the game disgusting

    As I said, it's a difficult concept for some people to grasp. For the record I'm a healthcare professional most likely old enough to be your aunt. Ad hominem attacks don't address the issue at hand and that is my first, last and only response to a personal attack. Happy gaming.
  11. Greed made the game disgusting

    Now, not even two months later, it's gotten SO much worse. The financial aspects of the game are unrecognizable and going downhill fast. The worst thing is, what we are getting is stuff that's already been developed in Korea for YEARS. This is not NEW content. The expense of what they're offering us now is nominal compared to what they are charging. It's highway robbery. I am not a fan of regulation, but at this point I do believe this kind of activity does need some kind of oversight. When you are targeting kids as young as 13 with often minimal parental involvement, we are literally into abusive terms here.
  12. Greed made the game disgusting

    Perhaps these were not all in place before, but they are now...and it's only gotten worse. Bots/gold slaves identifiable by their alphabet soup names and huge axes, many if not most 'employed' (and I do use that term loosely) by NCSoft which openly sells gold in its own game are not only farming dungeons but are now completely manipulating the marketplace by SEVERELY undercutting prices of farmed and crafted items that were traditionally allowing "normal" players to survive in the game by selling things for a few silver apiece. Allow me to point out that I am a subscribing player and that at this point, not even a month into the game, I, on my account alone, have spent WELL over a hundred dollars on Blade and Soul and that we have THREE accounts in our household. The game IS good and I don't expect something for nothing. I have no issue at all with paying a reasonable amount for a quality product. The artistic and technical people not on the horrifically, disgustingly and abusively greedy business end of this game have done a remarkable job, yet somehow I doubt it is they who are seeing the unprecedented amounts of money being mainlined to NCSoft from American and European bank accounts. As an example of how money is not "trickling down" I point to the absurd English language voice acting. I mean, what "leader" in the world would EVER greet a subordinate with the words "hey pal!". No one even SAYS that except in fifty year old movies. There is ONE young child voice for every such character. Seriously. I know an English as first language editor may have demanded to be paid more than peanuts and decent voice actors (ones who actually SOUND English) ...even nonprofessional ones, would have asked for some kind of recompense, but given NCSoft is making money hand over fist on this game I think they could have afforded a few upgrades by now. They simply chose not to because they do not respect the EU/NA audience. That is clear in the fact that the EU/NA players also pay on a completely different scale than Korean and other East Asian players. Ethnocentrism is ugly. I call it that, but imho it's something far worse, and plenty of behavior on the the business end of this game backs it up. I've been putting off writing this because I'll no doubt lose my account for doing so, but if we keep letting them get more and more outrageous in their treatment of us we really do only have ourselves to blame. Yes, the game is fun. Yes, for most of you it's your parents paying for everything anyway, but at some point you have to ask yourselves if you enjoy paying THAT MUCH MONEY to people who have no respect for you whatsoever. They will continue the behavior until people call them on it. I'm not trying to ruin anyone's fun. I'm just asking you all to see the bigger picture. It's a lot to digest for people who are young and want to see the best in everyone, but greed is NEVER best. It's just getting worse and worse because we are being passive and allowing it. We keep buying into it and they keep offering less and charging more for it...laughing at us all the way to the bank halfway around the world.
  13. Faction change

    Does anyone know if the window displaying current faction "balance" (other than saying EVEN when you first log on then switching to favoring one side when you try to switch, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr) updates when it's left open? When there are 20 bots and one actual player waiting that would be helpful to know. Anyone here have any idea. Apologies for the salty tone btw.
  14. 7 days to delete a character?

    As I responded to the "Newsletter" raving about the upcoming expansion: ***If it's as AMAZING as the black feather for subscribing, that ONE POINT drop in cash store prices and the SEVEN DAY WAIT to delete a character, words cannot express my enthusiasm!*** What a complete "F-You" to NA/EU players. Oh, PLEASE! I spent over $70 in less than a month on this game. I think that's enough to deserve to be treated with a little equality (to non NA/EU players) and respect, even if I don't have an annoying little star by my head.
  15. Warlock races

    I'm looking forward to Soul Fighter. Wonder how long it will take? ..or maybe I don't want to know. I completely agree with OP that Yun are the least respected race by the game's creators. The game doesn't have a single adult female voice, unless you want to use the Gor voice which sounds to me like someone having a great deal of difficulty on the toilet. *laughs*