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Any point to leveling BM if I have BD?


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So because I'm an extreme altaholic I'm trying to limit the amount of characters I will actually play seriously to 4. So far I have blade dancer (main), forcemaster and summoner picked but I can't decide whether I want a blade master or assassin for my 4th. So my question is, is there any point to leveling a blade master if I already have a blade dancer? Is there enough of a difference to where it won't be a waste of my time or are they too similar?  My idea with having both is that I could switch to one if the other got nerfed badly and vice versa, but from what I can see the only difference between them is that BD uses evades and force grip while BM uses blocks and has no force grip. I'll be at max with my main soon so that'll mean before long it'll be time to level an alt and I'd like to have my mind made up by then, so any feedback would be appreciated.

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