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Outfit Salvage


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Today i wanted to start salvage outfits to get "Fabric" and "High Qualty Fabric", to create one of the costumes (Red karatega(forgot name already)), but when i wanted to salvage outfit i noticed it cant be salvaged. I checked in F3, and it was written that outfit should be possible to salvage to obtain Fabric and High Quaity Fabric. When i ask at faction i ot answer that onyly Cash shop outfit can be salvaged. WTF? I need to pay for some outfit i dont need to salvage it, use option to create outfit, and have onyly CHANCE to get it, becouse it can fail? And whats best is that game show us outfits which can be obtain from drop can be salvaged, but they can`t be.


Hope some update in near future gonna fix this. Dunno which way: we can salvage outfits which have written we can do it, or fix descryption of items (hope 1st way).

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