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I kinda want to open commissions shop but help


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First off, I know some mmos restrict commissions and such, so I hope its allowed

2nd, Im only on Jiwan, my bank needs help, and crafting stuff, and in general ; u;

idk how to price cause market barely starting to settle but uhm id be happy if any of you would help


So i thought these would be like 1g just you know, not as sketchy, more refined, and colored,


then these would be like 5-10g cause coloring details are a bum


and like i have more styles and idk what people are interested in but like

I would love to hear opinions ; u;




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Just going by my interpretation of the ToS, I don't think NC would get along well with you trading art for in-game gold.


However, I don't think they'd have an issue with you taking commissions for cash (Paypal), and using it to buy Ncoin.

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