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Client freezes when switching/logging onto a certain character on the account.


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So...I couldn't find anyone else having this issue so I decided to make a thread and see if anyone else have faced this issue before.

What happened is that I have 4 characters on my account.

The 2nd one on the list is my Summoner named Sakuranbo, I can log on her just fine and my 1st and 3rd character as well.

My 4th character is named Sakura Petals, when I try to log on her, client will freeze.

I tried force close out the client and the launcher to restart the game, tried logging on that certain character again and still freezes up upon trying to connect.

If I restart the game once more and try to log on my other characters, they log on just fine...

This has happened to me couple days ago on the same specific character before, it just fixed on its own somehow and now the problem is back :c

The first time it happened, I had restarted my computer and it didn't help, restarted game few times and still didn't help, I gave up and went to play on main for a bit then came back to the character with this problem and I was able to log on fine.

I thought it might be the issue with the area I last logged off, but I'm not so sure about that anymore.

The first time it happened I logged off at somewhere that I can't remember but was middle of a field.

Last night when I logged off, I left her in Jadestone Village.

When I logged on her today, I logged on Jadestone Village and was reporting some goldseller spammers, then after about clicking Report Spammer button on a 3rd target, my client froze.

So I restarted the client, and now I can't even log on her anymore :c

Anyone else had issues like this?


FYI it has nothing to do with Razer or any of other stuff that would "crash your client" stuff, because I am able to log on 3 other characters on that account.

Only the last one on the list is giving me this problem.

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