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mining and water gathering points


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Some people leaving these 2 different gathering points on the state that none else can gather from them. They are show up as you can gather from here state, but in the end it's claimed and you cant gather from it. 

Could the claiming timer be set for 1minute after you click F on the gather point and then release to free for all since that person didn't pick the item up so we all can gather those.

I do think that respawn timer is bit too long for those gathering points.


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Resurrecting an old thread.

I just came across this problem (at least i think it was like this)

The well showed up as availabe, but when i tried to gather it it kept repeating that "This item belongs to another player". I stood there for 5 min and tried to gather the water again and again without success. There were no players even near the well at all (yes, i checked super small lyns in the well as well), so this was either a bot's trick, or the thing Vomboz mentioned. Tho i don't see why someone would do such a thing when gathering resources are so valuable...They just waste their own money.

Here's a screenshot for reference:


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