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Connection or other?


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Its actually rare for me to post a topic like this, but i am starting to feel the need in myself, to ask : Do you people have delays on skill use? I live in Hungari, i have a 10Mbit/s thome (telekom i guess) net and i did not really feel it, but after i hit 45 and a week passed, i am starting to sense a slight irritation of the game reactions performance. Might be just me and i suck in pve, but i sort of feel like a 0.5 -1 sec delay on click and skill performed. If i see it right (with naked eye) the click or button press actuall does show up in sort of the same time as i use it, but the animation and actually effect of it does not.

I got killed multiple times at bosses in 45 blue dungeons because block does not go of..or goes if 1-2 sec after. 

Its extremely hard to play the endgame content with this , since most almost instakill aoe bosses do are casted in like 1.5 sec, i spot it 0.2-3 sec i press it and delays 0.5 sec and cast after 1 sec...exacly the time you need to mess up. I am sure you all know what i am talking about.

At first i blamed my pc trough its a :

AMD FX 8350 8 core processor. 4ghz 16gb ddr3ram 1600+mhz (not sure but it might be 3000+ but the motherboard can only handle it up to 1600what ever ish)

The vid card is a NVIDIA Geforce GTX 750.

It was sort of really good a year or so ago, not the best but it should be like 2 times more then it should need, and i must say this now : 

The fps did not drop under 45 in ANY fight (inculding blacwyrm and the 2 talus commander - 30+ppl) when i set to minimum quality. And if i set it to max, the fps did not drop under 25. In 5 man dungeons not under 35 ish (on max). I did test it and it did feel that the "lag" stays no matter how much fps i have. So i can only guess its the net.


I checked the Ms under the Performance-Network and it was like 30-40 up to 340 ish...not sure what number to look at...there are multiple ones.

The strange is...that i ran Wow,(ok needs wood modem to play) but also Gw2,Aion and Tera perfectly well. 

Anyone got any idea? 


I am trying to get a faster internet, but wont really happen in the next decade, untill they rewire this whole side of the city.

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I did start KFM and seems to be extremely sluggish to play. I press counter and the button is pressed 0.2-3 sec later..and reacts like in another 0.2-3 sec...unplayable...most mobs hit me and start another attack before the character reacts to the button press. 


I heard it might be keyboard problem. Can that be true? Trough i had 70-90ms that day (i generally have 40-50 is at best. But mostly 30-40. Any way to improve Ui speed? I heard that adobi wave can help.

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Input lag can be because you're internet is lagging or a program on your computer is diverting your internet to something else. It doesn't matter how fast your internet is. What matters is your latency/ping. You have can 5 up and 1 down, with 5 ping. You won't be lagging. You can have the fastest internet in your country, and still lag. Download and Upload speeds are only for files. Latency is how fast your internet can connect to servers. The higher the latency, the slower your actions will react.

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hmm interesting. First time i hear about this in this detail. I did "work" and mess around with the net for quite some years now...had constant problems, so i had to -_-

Not sure..any way to improve it? Aside from moving to usa :D

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