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Wild Springs Dungeons!


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Hello fellow gamers. This thread is only for Wild Springs server players.


My intention of this thread, is to gather active players that wants to clear dungeons nice and easily, without the hassle of bad player etiquette, incompetence, leeching etc.

I plan to collect a group of active players who can rely on one-and-another and support eachother with the drops most befitting each player.


To be able to join this group of players you will need to meet these requirements:


1) Level 45 and at least 25.000 HP.

2) Active player - logging everyday with very minimum 2 hours playtime.

3) Have a healthy attitude. Don´t leech, be supportive and don´t let greed control your playstyle.

4) Wild Springs server only.


At the beginning of each set of runs. There will be a round of wished-for-items. Players may list what items they desire. We will run a minimum of 6 dungeons runs at every set. Often more.

This way, if several players desire moonstone tears, every player will have a turn of moonstone drops - without having to bid for them. Players who needs a specific item, i.e. siren´s necklace etc. can have it as soon as it drops, if no other players are interested. This means every player doesn´t need to cash out for an item unnessarily.


My hope is that it will create a trustworthy group of people, that across different clans/leagues may share a friendship and enjoy the game more.

I also see a chance that this specific group will be able to (in future levels) do higher level bosses that others struggle with - as we will know eachothers patterns and playstyle and have a better teamwork.


If you meet the 4 conditions.

Apply with private message to me ~

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