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Lag and Performance Issues @NcSoft


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Dear NcSoft,

I have played blade and soul on the Russian and Taiwan servers. I had over 200 ms ping in Taiwan and the game felt smoother than the EU server where I have aroun 84 ms. I also played in NA and it seemed more fluid than EU. This leads me to believe that you have done something wrong. I read threads about wildstar also being on the same server hive and people being able to reach the server when they ping test but it's not possible with blade and soul. Please have your team start from the beginning and try to find the problem. 

Since the CBT people have been having issues and at launch things felt pretty good until a couple of patches later and they are just going downhill again. You have to understand that most people love open world pvp and arena in this game so fixing the lag and fps drops should be the #1 priority. I am struggling to enjoy the game because of it and I am a founder. I am begging you to look into it with a fresh perspective and see what the problem is. Wildstar is one of your games and people are not having this issue pinging their servers but they do with BNS which means something at the base level is wrong. Maybe there is some option that you forgot to turn off or something simple that is causing it. Maybe it's the way the EU and NA servers are connected that is causing it and maybe it's related to the market place or something. 

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