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"Invalid Target" in party-finder, unable to see any other players in game


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Its like I am playing on an empty server.  I have not seen another player all week.  I used to see players all over the place, and often had to change channels to complete quests because so many people were farming the same stuff.


I went from the Golden Deva area all the way to level 45 content without seeing a single person.  I am aware of the CTRL-F (Hide characters) option to show/hide other characters, and have made sure this is not turned on.  Unless there is some bug that once you turn it on, you can never turn it back off.  


Also, any time I try and use the party-finder, I get 'Invalid Target" trying to invite anyone, and no-one can invite me.


I have opened a support ticket, but have not heard anything back.


Anyone have any ideas?  


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i was hoping to find "help" and not that this problem has happened before and no one's found a resolve for it.


Specifically my problem is i don't know if there's a level you have to be in order to party with my friend and we were hoping to level together for the multiplayer stuff this game does have and we are both online, in the same place, just cannot see each other even though we're on the same server, same channel and we can PM each other. In the over world where we verify that we're not in an instance, we do not see each other visually.


It's just really strange and i do not see any mention other than a reddit post mentioning how this was a bug since beta but it sounds like the situation is different from what i'm experiencing.


This did NOT work:


Something about having to complete Chapter 17-20 but don't know what my friend was talking about if it's just "complete once per account" or "per character" because i've never had this issue before and was able to party before said chapter before though it's been a long time.



Discovered what the problem was, my friend managed to make a character initially on the wrong server, make a new character intending to be on the other server but managed to make the character on the same wrong server.

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