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  1. Stuck on Act IV, Chap 8. Please Help

    i was also having issues with Garu using my FM, so yea what you want to do is: 1: Stay directly under him 2: He is programmed to toss you 2 different times, your survival is dependant on how fast you can get back exactly under him. 3: If he "lobs AOE anyway" which causes the ground directly under him to be "death area" where you need to be you'll have to take the death and reset the fight until he doesn't.
  2. Tyrian Cult Uniform

    i was hoping to find more specific information on "which" Tyrian Cult enemies i'd have to farm or suggested "best place" to farm for this uniform. Also a PvP function should not be a rare drop but i digress...
  3. i was hoping to find "help" and not that this problem has happened before and no one's found a resolve for it. Specifically my problem is i don't know if there's a level you have to be in order to party with my friend and we were hoping to level together for the multiplayer stuff this game does have and we are both online, in the same place, just cannot see each other even though we're on the same server, same channel and we can PM each other. In the over world where we verify that we're not in an instance, we do not see each other visually. It's just really strange and i do not see any mention other than a reddit post mentioning how this was a bug since beta but it sounds like the situation is different from what i'm experiencing. This did NOT work: Something about having to complete Chapter 17-20 but don't know what my friend was talking about if it's just "complete once per account" or "per character" because i've never had this issue before and was able to party before said chapter before though it's been a long time. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Discovered what the problem was, my friend managed to make a character initially on the wrong server, make a new character intending to be on the other server but managed to make the character on the same wrong server.
  4. E02018 Update Error

    best advice ever i'll try to come back to give an update on whether or not this worked. Seems i have to RESTART my computer every time i have to close B&S's launcher.....
  5. can't download Blade and soul

    <a href="https://ibb.co/PwLwMqJ"><img src="https://i.ibb.co/PwLwMqJ/B-S-will-not-update.jpg" alt="B-S-will-not-update" border="0"></a> i may not have the same "code" problem, but definantly a problem that fits the name of this thread. The launcher seems to be stuck and cannot download the data. I found out what my problem was, it's my Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 WiFi USB Adapter
  6. being stuck on the same percentage

    i was having an issue where i was stuck on 11% and got somewhat a fix where i change the actual Network Adapter Settings DNS to 8888 and 8844 and then when the launcher got to actually doing the "update" process it was stuck at 1% for half an hour. I did have a few error codes the first time before i changed my DNS server numbers but i assumed it was just going to tell me to "relaunch the launcher" which seems to be what it was but failed to note the error code and it never popped up again only being stuck on 11%. Currently i'm trying to re-install B&S and it appears to be stuck at 0%. Note that i may not come back to this forum thread to update my progress. Also i would think a forum moderator would create a "super thread" for everyone who did a similar forum thread concerning the update launcher.
  7. Game Launcher/Downloader problem (SOLVED)

    i wish i had your problem https://imgur.com/a/Pu5DEEe i went through having to do THIS: And finally decided to just uninstall except that the launcher was stuck and i waited FIVE min for it to close and it was still up while i uninstalled it. https://imgur.com/85Mi2DE had to restart my computer because there's a service B&S occupies for the launcher that freezes certain services that allow you to say upload an image to an image hosting website. I hope this reinstall works.
  8. Changing Servers

    What your explaining is: "Since its an online game and all gear, items, etc on each character is saved in a database with sql, it is possible. i had my own mmo game server and i know for a fact u can save the database info in a sql and run the sql in the new server and "ta da" everything u had on the other server is now in the one you want." Wonder if this would really be a thing that can be done, would be funny if NCsoft and B&S was just like "oh yeah hey you can just take this sql, punch it in the crotch, maybe use this other program to shove it through a cheese grader, do this with the sql and shove it in a box and now your on the server your friends are on." The only complication i can see is "saving the database info" since that seems to be something that could get you banned. You know, because of the EULA. Basically if you want to change servers right now, you'll have to make a new character. Could someone PLEASE confirm or deny if paying the "premium" would allow you such a feature to change what server your character is on. Could be possible that there are multiple forums with similar titles covering the same situation that actually has a definitive answer. And yes, if i had money i would had volunteered to find out if premium would allow such a feature. I am sad there is no youtube video on this situation even if just to have a video covering things you cannot do due to lack of features.
  9. i'm saying for regardless of level, and as far as i know the only people who need fast character deletion are those who use bots or bot programs and need that fast deletion to happen in less than 10 min. Right now, there are people who spam with bot programs to spam the chat with horrid grammar advertisements which i'm sure if you bought from them your account would be deleted and/or banned and they'd be richer. When the warlock was still new you could get an extra slot for free as part of the promotion. Who's to say every time Blade and Soul makes a new toon we get a free slot? I'd like to think this game got to the point where people with bot programs were the only ones really in control. Think about it, even with all you posting in this thread. someone who owns a bot program could easily have one account make a forum post. Then another account make another forum post similar to the first one, and then the holder of bot accounts suddenly has 6+ posts on the same thread each different accounts with the same talking points. I'd like to think Blade and Soul lost out on oppurtunity and i don't know how to rule out the argument of these previous posts being held by one person with multiple accounts. People, you did this. Sure don't complain to have one or 2 more slots for 3 or 4 total, complain about short deletion times. In fact, Blade And Soul is a very nice Free to play, but you could complain the price for an extra slot voucher is too high. I'm actually really amazed that they did implement shorter deletion times for everyone even though it would easily fit to be a premium perk. I am proposing that those who pay for premium have that functionality of deleting a character off a slot in under like 10 minutes, this would reduce the spammers to either getting MORE accounts, or having to pay for premium so they can make a new spam toon. (this would feed the big Blade and Soul game unless they made more accounts to span for a week duration). There are only 3 reasons why anyone would want to delete a toon as far as what i can think of, and it would most commonly be before they reach level 10 or 20. 1. Didn't like how the toon looks after roaming around in the game world. 2. Need to make a new toon and power level to 15 to spam horrid grammar advertisements. 3. Leveled to 20 and didn't like the class.
  10. I don't know why, and i'm VERY sure i'm not the first one to suggest this idea. I'd really think there's other threads that covered this but i'm about to explain what i hope isn't the first time this has ever been proposed and i'm as i typed i'm sure i'm not the first to suggest this. Make the character deletion time 168 hours or more before removed off the server with option to cancel deletion. Allow premium members the option to have the deletion happen in 2 hours (or less). If people want to use bots to spam the chat all the time, this will make their presence profitable for the people of Blade and Soul, and i'm in no way affiliated or supporting people using bot programs. It's like a weapon, if used for bad reasons, it's toxic to the game. If used to help and aid, it can improve the gaming experience for everyone. I do apologize, i haven't searched for if anyone else suggested this.
  11. I don't know how my forum thread was deterred to this subject of some Rat boss, but my thread is meant to discuss the hypothetical probability of a large group of people doing one auto attack killing the "world boss" and no one getting any loot. The only thing i could understand is if that required damage can be met through party effort for that party.
  12. no one's in loading screen for more than 10min. I'm glad there's a vote to kick function, but there are also people who load into the dung, do the dung, but afk during boss fight. Though i will say this actually happens rarely enough for me that i don't notice someones doing the afk thing until after we've killed or attempted to kill the boss.
  13. That's the thing though, people load into a dungeon and afk for the whole thing and get all the loot. SO what's the point of this system if it only applies to world bosses?
  14. Is it theoretically possible for an entire group in the same area focusing the same boss monster to kill it and no one get any loot? Say for example Attack Power 1000 is possible and there's 207 players who attacked the same monster? And that damage each player did was 1% lower than required to had "done enough damage for loot". How angry would everyone be? Please understand the absurdity of AP 1k is just as an example, feel free to calculate exactly what AP and how many players (even if just a specific class) would do auto attack once and meet THESE conditions. I understand why they require players to do "an amount of" damage, and while i have my complaints and opinions this is something i was wondering about. Please don't take this post seriously. If you (hopefully) read to THIS text and your feeling REALLY MAD please feel free to check out better more thought out threads and thank you for your time reading mine.
  15. Character appearance voucher

    Thank you, i only wanted to confirms or verify that the voucher does in fact allow changing body/face/propoertions, did not imply or care about if it also effected race ect as i'm sure you read i know it doesn't allow for changing race ect.