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Error code (2000) 132, 10054


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  1. Hi, so for past week or so I've been playing BnS on the EU Server, Loving  it(great game) I'm now  level 36/premium member.   Today I'm having  a  strange  issue that just  started, When game  loads  up and  it asks  me  for  my Pin I am able  to enter it , however so as  I hit confirm game  tell my a  disconnect and  says  that weird  error  code. Now  I did some  searching and  discovered  some  guy told  another  person he  was  region banned???? so I'm wondering  what's  going  on???? if  I'm seriously  region banned why did it  happen Now and  not earlier(very odd),  can I get  my level 36 Char transferred  some how to the  US  server  if this is the case(I sure as hell hope not)??? or  is  there some  other  odd  bug  or  glitch at  work here .....????? PLZ HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                      Edit-              Ok soo nvm all's  good   guess it was  maintenance time   SRRY FOR FREAKING  OUT :(
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