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Blackram Supply Channel(?)


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I am not sure how Blackram Supply Chain (not the Poharan *** dungeon, the FFA one) works in some details.


1. Is everyone on the server who enters this placed in the same instance of the supply chain, or are they split up? Because I noticed you can not switch channel once you are in it, so it seems to be more of a dungeon than an open region.


2. What is the maximum number of players inside?


3. There is however a number where the channel number used to be. Does this describe my Supply Chain instance number?


4. How would I go about finding one that is populated? Because sometimes I go in and the place is completely deserted.

Do I just go out and back in again hoping to reach another instance?


5. How can I tell how many other players are in there with me?


And last but not least:

6. How do you go about finding a party for this? Searching a party in the party finder will team you up with players waiting in front of the *** dungeon, so that doesn't work.

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1. There are channels (instances) but you can't switch between them.
If you enter solo and there is some free spot in existing channel you are placed there. If there is no free spot the new channel is created.

If you enter as group and there is free spot for whole group in some channel your group is placed there. If there is not enough free slots for entire group the new channel is created.

2. 24

3. Yes

4. See answer 1. Leave and re-enter or just wait until more people are placed in your channel.

5. Probably only by running around and counting them ;)

6. Form party outside and then enter together, you will be placed into one channel. Or you can get inside and start inviting people who are there without party, or ask them to add you to their party.

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