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PVP noob here


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Before I start, this thread is for TIPS, not for stating and arguing around some class being op or not, I don't need salty opinions, seen them too much already. Thank you.


SO I'd basically need some tips for PVP. I'm really bad at it, like really, really.

I'm playing a summoner (yes yes OP, blahblah nerf NC pls *salty tears*) and yes I chose it because it had the lowest difficulity cuz I suck as I said and Lyn's are cute so I got both in one little package.

 Now for the part where I need help. Destroyers. Whenever I see one I just cringe at the screen. I'm trying to improve in PVP since it's a PVP oriented game but then a wild destroyer appears in my way and smacks me in the face with that giant axe. 

I'm asking for tips generally, mentioned destroyer bcs it's the only class I haven't won a single match against :( 


So dear community, gather and give this noobie a piece of your knowlege. :3

And for you people who just want to troll and cry, please find another thread since I don't really care, tybye :*

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well, i understand your situation :)

destroyers are one of the "hardest" matchups you can face as a summoner.

use your stealth to get away, root him, keep your distance, let the pet wail at him.

destroyers have stupid heals, but dont deal "that much" damage outside of their fury cooldown, try and stand between the destroyer and your pet. so that he cant target you with his pull and just keep on your little lyn toes ^^ practice practice practice, and soon, you will be in plat :)

Good luck man. keep your head high!

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1) You want to level cap before really being able to make a proper assesment of the pvp-balance. If you are not capped and your opponent is - you are at a disadvantage because of less skill points.


2) While the cat is supposed to tank - it´s not a dungeon boss - you need to control you cat. Beckon or curl it at the proper situations. If it dies, try to stealth and find a spot as far away as possible to recall your cat once more. A summoner without a cat is at a huge disadvantage.


3) Use your cc-skills well. Be sure to have a good chance to hit your opponent when you use them, and don´t spam them unnnessarily. I.e. Using root, followed up instantly with a daze and a cat-stun. That´s wasting a good combo, keeping your opponent potentially locked for 5+ seconds, where you ought to spam sunflowers at him.


4) Train your stealth skill and skill it properly.


Thats the basic you need to hit gold. For platinum+ you need a better understanding of your opponents skills.

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