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this did not work for me, I even tried full reinstall and still got the error to the point where it got stuck at 22Mb left to update but refused to download it


I believe it's actually a firewall error


Once i disabled my anitvirus, the download worked normally, so when i restarted my anitvirus i adjusted the firewall settings to allow for BnS Launcher and everything has been working fine for me since, will update if I do get another error



adjusting firewall settings to allow the laucher better flow still resulted in the error after the verify stage when launching the game,


however if I disable the firewall before hitting "Play Now", the launcher will run fine and once it's begun to open BnS(goes into mini-mode), the game runs perfectly fine and opens


So seems it must be something conflicting with the firewall but can be worked around by simply disabling the firewall momentarily while the launcher initially updates and opens BnS



1) Open Launcher

2) disable firewall
3) click "Play Now/Update", let launcher verify/update
4) Launcher goes mini-mode
5) Enable firewall
6) Let BnS continue to open normally

7) Enjoy BnS~

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