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  1. Show off your characters!!

    My Chubby bunnies~
  2. please help cant launch the game ;c

    I'm currently was having the same issue until I restarted my PC.
  3. Post Your Lyns - Free Character Art

    Probably one of the better looking/Non overated/ already been done Lynns I've seen thus far. Nice.
  4. Show Off Your Character!

    You tried man But this thread already exsist.
  5. Error E02018 (Please Help Me)

    Wrong...section to post. BTW, restart the computer it normally fixes it. if not, ipconfig/Dnsflush
  6. Show off your characters!!

    You can add her to the BBW Thread. :)
  7. Patch Notes

    The Power slam buff is kind of big due to Wraith proc once you slam an opponent.
  8. Practice drawing lines...just draw free lines on your canvas. It's always a good start.
  9. HATE THE 10/02/16 UPDATE!

    Again, you must have not played enuff..every man has a mission to get what they want. You get 2 Rolls every day for 3 and half weeks. (25 days) 100/4=25 :) You can roll 2's for 25 days and still get 100. If you was preminum as well...getting 100 would be ever quicker.
  10. Warlock only for premium members?

    Lol,your poor waifu is going to be delayed until April 8th possibly.
  11. Daily Dash

    Damn guys...better luck next time?
  12. HATE THE 10/02/16 UPDATE!

    How you didn't get the last Daily Dash is beyond me, I got the first one within2 weeks to spare.
  13. Laptop users, what are you using atm?

    Everything on 4 20-30 FPS...not really complaining.
  14. whos having a problem in WTFast here?

    Idk, But I do know that my trail has ended. So i unable to play anymore...anyone know a good relaible free VPN to use?