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Is something off about our crafting mat availability?


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I've been wondering this for a while regarding crafting and transmutation. Is there something missing in the NA Blade and Soul that's making crafting and transmutation kind of busted? I've been looking for ways to save money with these two systems, but it always turns out that it'd be cheaper to buy the items, or use the methods that are supposed to be more expensive instead.


For example,  upgrading my gear with blue fodder has become a bit pricey, so I've been looking into transmuting weapon and accessory gems for better XP, except the value of price of Soulstones makes that system pointless. The cost of just using blue fodder to max out my weapon is cheaper than transmuting a gem that only gives me half the XP I need.


With crafting specifically, it's been noted by many that most of the crafting skills don't make you any profit at all due to the cost of ingredients vs the cost of the crafted item. This seems to extend to even the most valuable items though. 10 Moonwater Transformation Stones cost around 70g, but it costs almost double that to craft them, not counting the expensive recipe required to start.


Has this been the same in other regions, or are we specifically suffering from poor availability with materials like Soulstones and the like?

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its actually good profit to craft moonwater transformation stone, probably best/easiest way to make gold atm... mats are about 35-40g and profit is somewhere between 25 and 30g

but its true, rest of the crafting is pointless atm. I heard potion crafting and food could be more usefull when we get mushin tower, as some said it will require lots of consumables as its not so easy :)

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