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  1. There's a player who made all of his characters' profile images porn gifs. He's been playing since launch and hasn't shown any signs of stopping, even though I know tons of people have reported him, if only to see if there're any GMs caring about this kind of stuff. He's still going strong, so I'm not entirely convinced NCSoft cares about this kind of stuff.
  2. If people are referring to weapon skins being destroyed when removed from a weapon or being replaced, I've had multiple people confirm that this has been changed. You can now change weapon skins at will, though it still costs a few silver to do.
  3. 2K NCoin Outfit

    In other regions, this outfit costs 1600 coins and comes in a tradeable box (because, you know, Valentine's Day). Think about that.
  4. 2K NCoin Outfit

    "I'm not upset, so no one else should be upset" isn't a valid argument against anything, and never has been. Neither is "I don't mind spending money recklessly so you shouldn't either."
  5. Enforced PvP not attractive.

    If this is what NCSoft calls an MMO focused game, it's doing a pretty terrible job at both executing and advertising it. It also means that they wasted resources creating tons of lackluster PvE content on top of a glorified MOBA. Even worse, if the entire game absolutely depends on faction vs faction combat, then isn't PvP completely dead in the water? countless threads have already pointed out that the only active faction across multiple servers is Cerulean, and I personally haven't seen a Crimson in weeks. Faction chat is dead too due to bot presence and trolls. You're basically saying that the parts BnS excels at are also its biggest failures, and that's not very encouraging.
  6. Almost 1000 Gold!!!

    This is actually a strong push for more RNG boxes. If this guy is going to put all of his waking hours into farming thousands of gold, it wouldn't be much different from spending a few hundred dollars for the same thing.
  7. I just told you exactly where to find it... it's not even hidden, and there's no time stamp needed, it's the entire archive.
  8. They...actually did. I even downloaded the archive, and it's still there. Maybe you forgot it because the discussion wasn't actively about RNG boxes, but another feature -- the Wardrobe. They said they'll never implement RNG boxes, but in order to adhere to that, they have incentivize the premium membership harder, and the Wardrobe is the biggest convenience feature they could lock behind a paywall. They quite literally said it was a choice of RNG boxes or free Wardrobe. Now we have RNG boxes, but we don't have a free Wardrobe. If you want to relive the entire 1hour+ discussion, you can find it on the Premium membership discussion stream on the youtube channel.
  9. There's nothing legally binding about this at all, actually. They could release the outfit in the cash shop tomorrow and there's nothing anyone can do about it. The marketing material only said that Master Pack items would be available to Master Pack owners, but the information people are citing about them being permanently exclusive to Master Pack owners comes from information statements, i.e. Stream and social media chatter, none of which is legally binding. This is essentially why we have RNG boxes on the store right now. While NCSoft staff mentioned on stream that RNG boxes would never come to the store, the law hasn't progressed to a point where they can be held accountable for that kind of verbal statement.
  10. Almost 1000 Gold!!!

    It's...actually kind of the opposite of motivating. The effort you put into this, assuming you weren't lying about your method, is at the extreme end of "no-life" territory, which the vast majority of players won't be able to emulate even if they wanted to. You required the use of a class that particularly popular or fun to use for most players, and you mentioned that a big part of your success was the release of the RNG boxes, which the majority of the community feels is a sign that this game is going downhill fast. Whether or not you actually wanted to motivate people, all you actually did was give people more reason hate the game as "another grindy cash-grab Korean MMO".
  11. Almost 1000 Gold!!!

    A stealthed assassin isn't a non-target, nor is it an out-of-ranged one in the game's system. It's a non-descript one. It's a target obscured by something, so NPCs can't target or attack them. Higher level bosses are designed to be able to thwart this, Brightstone bosses are not. The Assassin re-stealth build is exactly that: resetting stealth during or immediately after a previous stealth. Shadow Siphon resets steath on poisoned targets, for example. The duration of Stealth is 6 seconds. One of the most common means of getting into Stealth is Shadow Dash, which has a 9 second cooldown... unless you spec it to have a duration of 6 seconds. Shadow Siphon can also be specced to have a reduced cooldown with the use of other skills in Stealth. You claim that perma-stealth builds are exploits not intended by developers, but how would you explain the numerous skills created by the developers for the sole purpose of maintaining stealth indefinitely? Or the fact that in future patches, the perma-stealth build isn't nerfed, but buffed for damage and ease-of-use?
  12. Why do people still think currency exchange is coming? Did NCWest announce that it was still on the way in a recent post? It seems pretty obvious to me that this feature is dead and buried, but if they came out and gave an ETA on it, I'll stand corrected.
  13. Tfw More p2w than china

    Is he trying to advocate P2W or condemn it? Also to anyone saying "He has over 1000 gold worth of stuff he'll be so busted when lvl 50 comes out", uh... not really. He'll have enough to fund maybe 1% of the required materials to craft his Legendary weapon, let alone afford to upgrade it. The only way this guy will be able to sustain himself beyond the next patch is if NCSoft literally releases a new, updated RNG box every two weeks and he continues to buy them at the same rate he's doing now. But at that rate, he should probably just pay a bunch of players to farm the game for him like a group of gold seller-- Oooooooooooh.
  14. Will you quit B&S IF

    I've been playing the JP version before this, and many of these problems are just...gone. Most of the Premium features here are free there. There are no RNG boxes, no major cash grabs, constant promotions that give you free stuff. Most special event outfits have methods of acquiring them with in-game currency, if not all of them. The JP version also doesn't care whether you login through a VPN or not, so I can use WTFast to play it. On top of that, the Yen conversion rate is so strong right now that I can get a premium membership in JP for cheaper than NCWest's. In short, if this game turns into Tera, I'll just play my Japanese account.
  15. New RNG Box in Shop!

    No one cares about how someone else spends their money. They care about transparency. To many players in BnS, they didn't want a good f2p MMO, they just wanted a good MMO that may or may not have been f2p. They've been following the game across multiple reasons for years (I've literally been waiting for this release since E3 2007). One of the most enticing things about the game was how little it felt like a traditional f2p MMO, going by the other regional experiences. One of the major fears coming into this release was that NCSoft would somehow change the experience for the worst in NA, which kind of happened already. Features that were free in other regions were suddenly behind a Paywall here. For example, every Premium feature we have was given away for free to new players in the Japanese build for a month. That's basically a free Founder's Pack just for making a new account, and it did well for them. Here, we don't even get the Wardrobe for free, but people were able to overlook some of that if the game was more or less the same. It also didn't hurt that in several Streams, BnS staff assured players that RNG boxes were never coming to the game, and that the drastic change in features available for free vs premium was to facilitate this (they once said Wardrobe being Premium would go a long way to keeping RNG boxes out of the game). And yet here we are, in a game that is quickly mirroring the state of something like Tera.
  16. The amount of Incompetent ppl here...

    And here we have the penultimate step of forum degradation: the "I'm upset because you're upset and I'm never upset so you should never be upset!" thread. The thread that somehow finds the foresight to complain about other people complaining, but lacks any and all sense of irony towards the matter.
  17. New RNG Box in Shop!

    How do people feel about the concept of "Absolute RNG"? I.e. the realization that because a certain item you want is locked behind an RNG box, someone will get it in 160 NCoin and wonder why everyone's complaining, but you may actually never get it. Ever. Since they don't have a consolation token (A drop from an RNG box that can be collected in large amounts and turned in for the outfit in case you can't RNG one), there's a very real possibility that you'll just never get this thing. No matter how hard you try. Ever. The box is only available for a limited time, too.
  18. New RNG Box in Shop!

    Unfortunately, we're the extreme vocal minority. Response towards the RNG box has been overwhelmingly positive. NCSoft will see this as a success, regardless of any promises it made in the past (like when they actually said on Stream that they would never use RNG boxes). Everyone looking forward to the Valentine's Day outfits should prepare for the worst.
  19. New RNG Box in Shop!

    Since I've been sitting on the NCoin from the Master Pack, I went ahead and bought 22 boxes (11 x2. Don't worry, I don't instead to spend any more money on this game in the foreseeable future). While I didn't get the outfit, I did get about 25-30g worth of miscellaneous things. I ended up with over 70 Soulstones, 58 Unsealing Charms, 34 keys, a gem hammer, two Brilliant Moonwater keys, and some weapon and accessory xp gems. People looking for ways to convert NCoin to gold/tradeable items will probably be very pleased I reckon.
  20. First, this isn't even remotely similar to the way Youtube handles account terminations. For one, the act of actually terminating an account is not automated. Human beings do that after reviewing sets of account flags which ARE automated. The flagging system isn't perfect, which is why humans have to get involved along the way. What's more, erroneous flagging is usually resolved within the same day. Just look to the famous example of Super Bunnyhop who had his account flagged when Konami filed a wrongful claim against him for his Konami vs Kojima video. Bunnyhop was on a plane and the entire incident began, ended, and was resolved before he landed. Second, when Youtube actually does close an account, that account is closed permanently. It's not a ban, it's Account Termination, which NCSoft also employs, but not in this instance. This was just a ban, which may be temporary, under review, or any number of things. It means that NCSoft is aware that this could be a mistake and left the system open to account for that. Expecting NCSoft to implement the kinds of huge, sweeping changes players keep requesting without making a few mistakes is an insanely unreasonable standard to hold them up to, and I implore people do some research into how these kinds of systems function at a basic level before throwing staff under the bus.
  21. Currency Exchange

    Actually, if you read the whole ToS that splashes after the game's intro, it says that NCSoft intends to do exactly this at some point in the future.
  22. Or, OR... It was just an honest mistake that will easily get fixed if you just file a support claim and wait patiently.
  23. Damage Counter

    First, competition between players in the same PvE instance is exactly what NCSoft doesn't want, and has been trying to avoid for years. They will never add a DPS meter, and even using a third-party program will result in Account Termination is they find out you're using one. Second, a feature in Tower of Mushin was implemented to respond to people who want some way to test their builds in a stress free environment. You can go into a room that is full of various level of the training dummies from the beginning of the game, and you can use the combat log to see how much damage you're doing or otherwise how effective your play[style is. That being said, there are plenty of third party DPS meters for Blade and Soul, and you can even see well-known players on stream and youtube using them. If that makes you feel confident that you won't get your account closed, then just use one of those.
  24. Honestly, you're the one who should abandon this topic. You posted a person's character information and then said "It's disgusting the people doing it are the ultimate *crickets* in the world..." and now you think you still hold some kind of high ground in this. That being said, of course it's about personal skill. I was directly responding to your "Just think about it for a second you're an sin or FM and you're terribly punished quickly as soon as *cricket* hits the fan because that boss is coming for your *cricket*." To which I essentially said "I'm a Sin player and if I die with boss aggro, that's still my fault." There is no abuse here. The system, despite whatever flaws you perceive, is working exactly as intended, and it's on you to deal with that.
  25. I am a Sin. What's more, I'm currently working on my Siren Hongmoon upgrade. I hold aggro in 80% of the Blackrams I run. I have never, EVER complained about another person's lack of damage or inability to take aggro away from me. I get a bit annoyed when multiple players are constantly dead, but even then I wouldn't come onto a forum and publicly shame them just because I want to be a salty *cricket*. There's just not excuse. Every class is equipped with tools specifically to deal with aggro. Sin has the worst time surviving boss aggro of any class, but I do it, and so do tons of other players you don't see complaining. If this kind of thing sets you off, then just don't queue Blackram. Go to the party totem and make your own runs where you can enforce whatever party requirements you want.