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Awakened siren and true siren daggers. Need some clarification.


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Can anyone please post me some screens (or link me in game, nick: epro, server Windrest) what are the focus recovery bonuses on maxed (+10) both weapons?

Since in game I cant get that info, maybe someone got those daggers already and could share some info.

I saw that on some weapons this stat is still buggy - it shows only 20% focus recovery on maxed weapon, on others though - 70% (as I know all maxed out weapons starting from awakened siren tier should have 70% focus recovery). So Im a bit confused, how it should be.

Any answers would help me a lot, since Im planing today to jump directly and upgrade to true siren from profane, because of the coming new content on february 10th we will have to upgrade them anyway.


Thanks in advance.

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