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  1. So, i started play shadow with assassin, but now i've got the talents and got lost :/ What combos and talents i need to focus? Thanks for any tips.
  2. I mean, the passives skill we get on the skills when reach lvl60 and the talents we get when reach 60hm7?? Have a combo of stun lock really doesnt make any difference?? 50%-cd dont make any difference??? And other thing, when i say unbalance its not just a matter of equipment, this inst important cause like u say, this part have a balance, its a matter of experience, know how to play and play against players in the similar "lvl" of playerskill, but when u put a bronze rank nb lvl 45 against gold rank lvl 60hm20, wheres the balance??? Thats part particullary, dont make any sense to me
  3. So, how people can sell it, if the only way is buying from mkt?? Its the player mkt or the cash ones? Tnx
  4. Forget about it, i seeing some posts from 2~4 years ago, this problem ill never be fixed propably cause "its not" a bns, but a players problem, the admins cant purchase a tunneling service for players in SA or even open a server here..... well, lets just only kill mobs n do dgs till die............ bye pvp.
  5. I even know how to get the awakened siren dagger :,(, dont find any information anywhere :/
  6. Bad, unbalance, melee class with 160+ping its just sucks, noway to do a good combo. Lvl 45 against 60 hm20, thats doesnt make any sense "omm, but ur get balance, more hp...etc..etc...." but i dont have the experience to just learn a little with battle during 10secs, and i dont know how works the balance in pvp arena duel, but i only see diffence in my hp, my power attck its same, so sometimes i get someone just afk n lvl 60 hm15+ n spend 30~40sec to kill them, a freeze unmove char....... :/ So, thats my exp in pvp till now. Hope get better with better equips and acc, any of co
  7. So guys, in hongmoon training room im on the part to do the "Key Combo - Quick Combo Training" consisting in do the combo. (Heart Stab > Lightning Pierce > Heart Stab > Lightning Rod) x2 The first time its ok, almost always can do that correctly, but in second time i can press the correct buttons in the correct time, but always miss something. So, what i need to know is if my char will go faster in future, turning possible this combos, or if my huge and bad ping has influence on it and doesnt matter what i do, ill never can do that? Othe
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