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So i started to play BnS today morning, and i love it!

I play Blade Dancer.

I noticed that my damage drops, then I realized i got a sword from like lv 1.

I managed to get sword for level 7 (im level 8) but i can't unseal it.

I found a guy that sells this "unsealers" (these yellow papers), but it's too expensive.

Is there any other way to unseal this sword? Less expensive?


Have a good day ^^


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you should get the 'seals from questing and also do the servey in the bottom right of your screen in early levels this gives you all the items you need


as for your sword your obviously a Blade Dancer so here is the guide on what to do with your sword the Hongmoon one will always be your best weapon to end game. you keep upgrading it and evolving it better and better as you lvl


Blade Dancer : http://bns.endgame.pk/lynblades/main_tree


 You will also get from quests along the way while leveling jewellery, Hongmoon ones , ring, erring and necklace, again these will always be your best ones this site also as guides for those too 


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